Wolfen Wicca tm 201 Class

an Eclectic Tradition

Founded (trademarked and copyrighted) by Lady Wolfen Mists

201 Wolfen Wicca is only available for students who have completed the Wolfen Wicca 101:

Sorry classes are not available to students in the Fargo (ND), Moorhead (MN) or surrounding areas at this time :-(

Email me for the needed forms which I will send to you in Doc form. You run them off and mail them back to me with payment and we will get started on your course. [E-Mail]"

In the 201 class you will be taken up to dedication. There are a total of 13 classes. You can finish in 10 months or 13 months without incurring additional fees. There are incentives to finish in 10 months

International Students

All International Students must pay in full at beginning of classes in US Funds. Shipping costs will vary depending on country! Payment by Paypal preferred

The cost break down;

Break down for 201 class

Per Class Price= $30 x 13 =390.00

Shipping = $50.00

Material cost & fees= $50.00

Grand total = $490.00

-Which averages to $37.70 per class. Minimum $75.40

* Classes purchased 2 classes at a time minimum, costing $75.40 insurance is an extra $250 .We do not automatically insure and are not responsible for lost or missing items once they leave our hands. So I strongly recommend adding shipping.

-Payment can be made through Paypal

Payment plans as follows:

$490.00 plus insurance cost.
Or $75.40 per class plus insurance cost
We only accept paypal

Classes progress at your own speed over a course of 13 months. If you have not finished by the allotted month period for the level you choose there may be additional fees incurred. All monies paid are non-refundable.

-All monies paid are non-refundable period. Under no circumstances, no exchanges or return or credits

-If you finish the entire course in 10 months you will receive a special gift, nope aint gonna tell ya but it will be picked out just for you.

-If you pay in FULL in advance you will receive a free gift

- We will also take International students but payment must be in US funds and shipping fees will vary with the cost of the country.

-Once committed to the class you must complete payment, even if you do not finish. But then why would you start and not finish :-)

-You will also need to sign an agreement, like in the 101 course, that pretty much says you wont tell the secrets you learn in the class, as Wolfen Wicca tm is a Secret Initiatory tradition. Also that you wont go set up shop and be in competition with me using any of the information I give you in my classes. (I know this sounds sad to many of you who are honest and have honor but believe me it has happened in the past, so I feel a need to protect my self from it ever happening again. I hope you understand) There is one other requirement which is you must be 18 or older to take the classes

-All information will be sent through the Post office. I'm not set up for online and to be honest I don't know if I ever will be!.

There are NO TESTS in the 201 class, (stop jumping up and down, there is still homework) and lots of fun materials like, crystals for wards, Past life primer soap, bath salts, oils, things for your BOS and other goodies I don't want to spoil. If you are a 101 graduate and want a peek at the 201 first class e-mail me and I'll send you a peek

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