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Hand Blended Metaphysical Correct Oils
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Directions For Use: Use desired amount, usually a dab or two, on self, tools or specific object (like a candle or doorknob). External use only, this means don't drink it.

Directions For Use Hand Blended Metaphysical Correct Oils Use desired amount, usually a dab or two, on self, tools or specific object (like a candle or doorknob). External use only, this means don't drink it.
2 dram bottle:$24.99-29.99
Some Prices may vary check listed price on individual oil
3X Autumn Equinox
Its a powerful way to celebrate this time when the days and nights become equal, a time of balance before light gives way to the coming increase of darkness and winter rises its head. This incense focuses on the idea of rebirth and such rebirth can be symbolized by the seeds and the oil of such seeds used to create these wonderful items. When using this kit I often pathwork or meditate on the forest and the changes taking place there. I speak with the God and I see that He has gone from full power to His waning aspect. His wisdom is strong but His body is growing older each day. I see the Goddess and notice She is aware of the decline of the God and that the cycle of life is moving forward, as life stirs within Her own self. I listen to the words they share with me, as this is usually an portent of what is to come in the winter months. This is a very emotional and sacred journey for me, and the incense and oil aids me in the successful connection to them. Perhaps it will work as well for you?

3X Autumn Equinox $24.99

3x Crone Oil
Used to aid in invoking that aspect of the Triple Goddess. Also used in rites that show respect to age and wisdom of age

3x Crone Oil $24.99

3 x Deva Treasures oil
It has many traditional uses, here are just a few; Use to aid in unlocking the subconscious, gifts and powers given to you by the winged spirit folk. Also used to work hand in hand with winged folk. Please be careful when using this oil as it is very powerful and can cause you to actually see the Fae, this is fine most of the time but when driving they may flitter in and out of your view, just be aware of this!

3 x Deva Treasures oil $24.99

3 x Dragons Blood oil
It has many traditional uses, here are just a few; Dragons Blood Oil is used in many old recipes for everything from protection to Love. Anything that you wish to add a fiery passionate component to in spellcasting or such. When using this oil remember Responsibility is the key idea here!

3 x Dragons Blood oil $24.99

3X Essence Of The Wolf
Use to aid in bringing forth the assertive practices of the wolf, as well as instincts, wonderfully protective for those who work late and have to walk a ways to the car or such. Aids in heightening the senses as to whats going on around you. Also to aid in pack bonding for user and specific group. This is a stong and powerful oil that is to be used to aid in the successful teaching of others and to fight for what is right in the spiritual and physical sense
Notice: This is $29.99

3X Essence Of The Wolf $29.99

3x Goddess Maia Maria Oil
Use to aid in the celebration of the eternal return of Spring and the fresh beginnings it brings, not in just the seasons but in our lives. This is The Goddess you speak with when you need to "clear out" your life from old stale energies and add new fresh energies. This is the Goddess that aids in finding new situations (jobs, relationships, new directions and so on) in your life. Use this oil to just thank the Goddess and celebrate the wonders of renewal and of Spring

3x Goddess Maia Maria Oil $24.99

3x Imbolc Oil
to celebrate the Imbolc, the Time of the Quickening. At this time we celebrate the "quickening" and the physical renewal of life under the snows of winter. Winter has been long and cold and plants and colors begin to geminate in the ground. Spring is well within sight as the Wheel of the year slowly turns. Imbolg (also spelled Imbolc) was also called the festival of lights, traditionally many pagans would light bonfires or wear crowns with candles in them to "lure the suns return" and to speed up the return of spring. Meditate on the return of life and I see the flowers blooming through the snow, I see the young God in awe of himself as where he and his Mother walk the cold declines and warmth and beauty bloom. His eyes wide with delight and his voice rings with childish laughter as he sees life peaking its way through the cold and hard dirt waiting to grow strong and abundant. It is an awesome and inspiring scene.

3x Imbolc Oil $24.99

3x Lammas oil
3x Lammas (Lughnasadh) oil occurs on or around Aug 1st. Made to celebrate the sabbat of Lammas. Its a powerful way to celebrate this wonderful Sabbat. This oil focuses on the idea of the celebration of the very first harvest of the seeds we have put into the abundant earth. They have grown and are harvested for the coming winter months when food will be scarce. Traditionally the first corn is taken and baked into a loaf and offered to the Bright Lady and Lord in thanksgiving for the bounty that is yet to come

3x Lammas oil $24.99

3x Messages from Beyond Oil
This oil is VERY POWERFUL so if you serve others in helping them contact others who have crossed or if you have someone you need to contact this is the oil for you. Just rub it on yourself, 3rd eye area and behind the ears (this is a trick many dont know about it aids in clearing up "static" from the other side and lets you hear much more clearly.) This oil is excellent for those who endeavor in mediumship, or for someone who just wants to speak to someone themselves. It allows you to say what you need to say, ask questions, and even aids the one who has crossed to find their way to the light, and cross in a more complete and contented fashion! This is an excellent oil and can be used by professional to beginner with success reported from all levels.
Notice: This is $29.99

3x Messages from Beyond Oil$29.99

3x Pan Spirit Oil
It has many traditional uses, here are just a few; Use to find the "no strings" relationship, to aid in all lusty pursuits and to make you unforgettable to others. Adds an alluring quality about user.To Use just dab on self, or on shoes (bottom) so people will follow your footsteps. Anoint self, items places or even things others will touch (like doorknobs) Just keep in mind the 3 fold law when using this. Also to be used for ritual festive times, ritual dancing, singing, music or camp outs. Just for fun, without hurting another.

3x Pan Spirit Oil$24.99

3x Protection oil
This oil adds protective energies to your everyday lifestyle. Yes oils can be used on other items as well or for other people (i.e. aiding in protection of friends, children, loved ones and pets)
Notice: This is $29.99 Very Powerful

3x Protection oil $29.99

3x Samhain Oil
It is at this time that we honor those who have crossed over, and often set a feast to our ancestors. It is at this time that the veils that part the worlds of spirit and physical reality are at there thinnest and can be most easily crossed. This incense focuses on the idea of the God moving to the summerland, and the knowledge that He will be re-born at Yule. This all signifying the never ending cycle of Birth, Life, Death , and Rebirth. This kit also focuses on reverence and honor for those Ancestors (and friends both human and non-human) that have crossed. Here we acknowledge their place in our lives and all they did to inspire us and guide us. Wonderful to burn on the Alter for the "Feast of the Ancestors" When using this kit I often meditate on the many who went before me and those who gave up their lives so that I may be able to step out of the shadows with pride and dignity. I visualize the torture that occurred and the 9 million voices ringing out in injustice and I say firmly "Never Again! Never Again the Burning times!" I then turn my thoughts to the God and feel how very much He loves me, and the Goddess within my soul, how He is not only willing but understands the need for His Death, so that He may be re-born and that the never ending wheel of life will turn and all will be in harmony and balance. Yet these are personal thoughts and you could meditate on what ever is sacred and important to you at this time.

3x Samhain Oil $24.99

3 x Sex on the Floor
This particular recipe was inspired by a good friend who was discussing scents one day. He mentioned several scents that "inspired him" and then said all these just make me want to have sex on the floor!" I laughed and said "So Mote It Be! "and voila here it is and just about everyone who tries says it true! It does smell incredible I must admit myself. But remember this is a magickal item and as such does carry many strong energies with it, Responsibility is the key idea here!

3 x Sex on the Floor $24.99

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