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Angel is a grown up Lady now, and so enjoys her Beauty parlor trips. She jumps and giggles and does the "Wiggly Butt" dance every time she is told she gets to go.

For those of you who dont know what a "Wiggly Butt" dance is, its ears back as far as they can go and front down as low as it can go. Tail up and bottom up with giggling noises and her bottom wiggling about 90 miles and hour!

But this trip was more than just a trip to the Groomers, it became an adoption experience. See Lady Angel Wings recently went through a "fake" pregnancy, where her body thought it was gonna have babies but it wasn't possible. She went through most of it, all the way to making a nest and looking for babies, it was truly sad. Anyway we had her spayed right after it all but she still wants to be a mommy. She takes all her stuffed toys and places them in her bed around her, carries them, and counts them and can tell when one is missing. Then she looks all over for it.

Any way while at the groomers she found a new baby to adopt.

Here is her pictures and her words to you all!


Till Next Time, Blessings to you all!!!


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