Additional Items For Incense

Charcoals -- Used for granular incense. Self igniting charcoals, alll you need to do is light one side, let the sparks catch, and set down on screen burner. the charcoal will ignite itself for an even burn. Each package of charcoal has 10 individual coals. Burning length varies from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

$5.99 per package of 10 $5.99

Screen Burner---SOLD OUT Currently
These are brass burners used with self igniting charcoals (on this page) and granular incense. Great for rituals when you want to regulate the scent used $12.75

Banana Boat Ash Catchers -- These are made of wood and are curved, with a small hole in one end. Used mostly with stick incense.

$3.99 Banana Boat ash catcher $3.99

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