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Welcome to my Garden of Angels Tools™ pages. For those of you who don’t know me I speak with Angel Like Beings. I call them that instead of just Angels because I don’t want to sound egotistical by saying, “Oh I speak to angels” Thus of my own humility I call them Angel Like Beings or ALB’s. On this page you will be guided to the many Angel Like Beings Tools I have created, as well as experiences I have had.

So to make sure this is clear by buying these items you are in essence telling the universe you plan to work only for the Lighted path and will use these powerful items only for the most positive purposes. You are also giving your oath to the Angel Like Being’s and to the Universe/Creator(s), as well as me, that you will not share this information with anyone else. This is because they too must make this same agreement with the ALBs here for the energy to be granted to the tools and for the tools to be activated.

Ok so with that said here's how this page works. All information is laid out as follows in 3 main sections:

Here are different pages that talk of my many conversations with the Angel Like Beings. Most here are free and just interesting to read.

A Remembrance of my 1st Encounter

Another Battle & teaching from the Angels - Sept. 22 2004

A Dark Night of the Soul- April 11 2005


Items Tools-

These tools Appear in my new book from Lulu called Tools of The Light which can be purchased at this link from Lulu which is outside this website

Tools of The Light Gifts from the ALBs

at Lulu.com for $24.99 plus shipping


Tools Programmed or Created for Sale

These are actual tools that only we create and are ready for your use. These are really very amazing in energy and can be purchased by paypal or my shopping cart. To Use shopping card just click on the button. To use Paypal e-mail me what you want and I will send you a paypal invoice.


Dark Night Survivor Non Talc Powder A tool that gives the Angel Like Begins permission to aid us in all negative situations. It allows them to guard us, and lift us as best they can when we are too weak or our spirit has gone astray through pain and depression, or plain deceit on the part of the darkness.


Oils as Tools Created for Your Use

Please click on the name below to take you the the list of Amazing oils
Amazing Oils from the Angels

Requiem Oil-
(a special oil as related to us from Sweet William)

Tears of the Forgiven-

Light Strings

Broken Wings Oil-

(for aid in Healing the body and soul, protection)
Can Be used Long Distance .

Lifted Up Oil-

(for reaching a Higher State of Being)

Armor of Light Oil-

Angel Calls-

Angel Jermiel

Angel Raphael-

Angel Chemuel

Angel Uriel

Angel Metatron

Angel Zadkiel

Angel Raguel-

The 4 Light Bringers

#1 Harmozel, #2 Oroiael, #3 Daueithai, #4 Eleleth


Healers Waters as Tools

These are healing waters as related to Lady Wolfen Mists by the Master Healer Angel Raphael.

Raphaels Healing Waters See page for new individual items
Note from Lady Wolfen Mists : Now from the Angel Raphael I offer to you Healing waters shared with me. Now as many of you know I have the ability to heal, but I don’t use it much because of the side effects it does to me. Lady Wyntiers Song is a much better healer than I could ever think about being, so I have little to do with this area.
Now when Raphael came to me to share this information with me my question was "are ya sure you want to tell me about this?” He was sure as the waters are to be part of the Garden of Angels Tools ™ that the other Angel Like Beings have shared with me. With that here they are to aid in healing. I will add more as I get them ,just click to go tot the page wher they are listed

Raphaels Healing Waters


Strands of Light as Tools

These are wonderful crystal and glass Strands that are programmed for a specific purposes. They were created by the Angels and related to Lady Wolfen Mists by Various Angels to be used as color activation tools.

Strands of Light This is a wonderful Group of tools that are based in color activation and programming. They are Stands of Light ™ that are created to wrap the area they hang in with the energies for a specific purpose (i.e. protection and so on) The prices are reasonable and they make great gifts for yourself and others. These tools are not only beautiful but extremely functional and useful










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