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Angelic Feather Project™

On April 11 2005 I had a vision/communication which was a reflection of what was going on in my life at the time. I was deeply depressed and hurting, I felt beaten down, I kept trying but there is nothing, and I mean nothing to hold onto. I questioned everything and especially myself and my purpose in this world. I had a single memory that was painful that kept running through my mind over and over? Within my mind there were voices that came with this that told me that it was my fault that I was useless and that the world would be better off without me. .

How about you have you ever felt this? You try to ignore it but you cant, and it drags you so far down. You are so tightly wrapped into it, that you not only believe it but you begin to think that you were wrong before (when you had focus and hope.) That everything you had held true before the darkness got you was a joke, a lie, a bit of your imagination.

Yes you are to beaten down to reach out for help, to alone with your pain to even begin to know what to do….This my friends is an example of the Dark Night Of the Soul. It creeps up on us usually when we are doing something good and spiritual, when we are taking another spiritual step up that ladder of enlightenment. It wants to keep us where we are and so it finds our fears, worries and embarrassments. It separates us not just from the Light but from each other, and it gives us hopelessness and loneliness. We are lost in this darkness, yet IF we wait and listen. If we call out over and over for help, there will be the flutter of wings. We only need to reach for it, in the lighted loving form it comes. Then once more have faith and believe and KNOW that dark nights do not last as we are powerful spirit filled creatures and we can always beat the dark night back with just a flick of the mind and a call to the Mother or Father

This is about one of my journeys with the Dark Night, it came on me quickly as it tried to stop my work and stop me from sharing what the Angel Like Beings shared with me. It tried to break me, and for a few moments it did and I cried out in pain and hurt at the despair about me. I was in physical pain and feeling bad about being so very poor and not able to really do much because of my disability. Yet the Angels gave me something to hold on to, something tangible to hold and touch to lift me up from this place.

The Mission At The Direction of the Angels (ALBs)
Now as we move into 2008 the ALBs have instructed me to share with others this same tangible object that I received. For there are many Light Workers in need, who will be and are now being assaulted and oppressed by the Darkness. They need a sign to hold onto to help them fight off this Dark Night and so began the Angelic Feather Project.

Each Feather has been ritually programmed and cleansed, then blessed by the Angels. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel just to name a few have made sure their energies flow through each and every feather. Other Angels will add their energies as needed or as requested. These basic feathers I will offer free of charge, all I ask is that you pay for the shipping. I will buy the Feathers from my own pocket so if you wish to add a few dollars more that would be deeply appreciated as well. See the paypal donation button for this.

This cart seems to want to overcharge for shipping If this happens just e mail me at silverhoofs@att.net [E-Mail]"and I will send you an invice for what you want and the better shipping charge. If you can not afford the $1.25 in paypal then send me a self addressed STAMPED envelope and I will send out a feather to you that way.

My Mailing address is
Lady Wolfen Mists
Attn. Feather Project
1100 19th Ave North
Unit J 118
Fargo ND, 58102

In each order there will be a limit of 5 feathers per envelope and 1 brochure on the story behind the ANGELIC FEATHER PROJECT. The brochure can be reprinted as long as credit remains with me (LWM) and you make no money on the sales of the items and nothing is changed.

So that is my newest Project at the direction of the ALB’s. If you wish to have a specific Angels energies flow through these powerful tools that cause the darkness to flee there may be a small fee for this, just e-mail me at silverhoofs@att.net [E-Mail]" with Angelic Feather Project in the subject line and I will get right back to you on this.

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