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Welcome to my Garden of Angels Tools™ pages. For those of you who don’t know me I speak with Angel Like Beings. I call them that instead of just Angels because I don’t want to sound egotistical by saying, “Oh I speak to angels” Thus of my own humility I call them Angel Like Beings or ALB’s. On this page you will be guided to the many Angel Like Beings Tools I have created, as well as experiences I have had.

Some of the tools cost, yet I have kept it all at reasonable prices. You may be asking why would I charge for such tools that would help the world. Well I have two reasons. One reason is to help pay for the website where the information is posted as well as the items used to make the tools.
The second and most important reason is to meet the requirements of the ALBs who assure me that these tools have a built in safety system that does not allow them to be used for negativity. It seems that in purchasing these tools you are telling the universe that you request the information or item so that it can only be used for the purest highest intent it was meant to. So even if you plan to do something negative with it, it was given to you when you agreed to use it for only positive purposes and activated by the Universe with that condition. Using it after the fact for something else simply makes the tools not work.

Please note that each and every tool or information MUST be agreed upon by the ALBs for the individual in question to use. If the ALB’s say no to your having the tool right now then your order not completed. You can wait to request the tool or information later, maybe then you will be ready to use it. Please understand if you are refused it doesn’t necessarily mean you were not going to use it for positive, there are many reasons you weren’t approved right now. It could mean you were not spiritually ready for the specific tool you requested. Please don’t become angry with me over this because I really have little if any in the decision that is up to the Angels and the Universe.

So to make sure this is clear by buying these items you are in essence telling the universe you plan to work only for the Lighted path and will use these powerful items only for the most positive purposes. You are also giving your oath to the Angel Like Being’s and to the Universe/Creator(s), as well as me, that you will not share this information with anyone else. This is because they too must make this same agreement with the ALBs here for the energy to be granted to the tools and for the tools to be activated.

Ok so with that said here's how this page works. All information is laid out as follows in 3 main sections:

Here are different pages that talk of my many conversations with the Angel Like Beings. Most here are free and just interesting to read.

A Remembrance of my 1st Encounter

Another Battle & teaching from the Angels - Sept. 22 2004

A Dark Night of the Soul- April 11 2005

A Battle for the Lightl- April 16 2005


Items Tools-

These tools Appear in my new book from Lulu called Tools of Light which can be purchased at this link

Or they can be bought separately here as shown below
These are tools the Angel Like Beings have shared with me to help anchor the Light to this realm. These are pretty much the instruction on what you need to do to create this tool on your own. These cost and can be purchased by paypal or my shopping cart. To Use shopping card just click on the button. To use Paypal e-mail me what you want and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Symbol for Angelic LegionThis symbol was given in a dream/vision awareness. It is to placed on the self or where you work or live. The ALB’s said it would spare those showing it in any battles between the Light and dark and it would show (in a physical sense) that ones heart and soul is on the lighted path. I wear this often on myself drawn in ink..

Symbol for Shielding/Protection/ PeaceThis symbol can be used to aid in helping to quite things down a bit that are going on about you, it uses small mirrors. Most spiritual people have reported it works well for them. Great for work places or school or even in aiding to calm the environment down at home

Sigil for Trapping Negativity,
& Recipe to remove negativity and maintain a "clean positive house"
This is actually a 2 in one kinda instruction sheet. It not only give the sigil from the ALBs that aids in trapping negativity, it also give you a recipe that helps in cleansing a house and keeping it that way. So that your surroundings are grounded in the Light. More than worth the money in my opinion!

Grid of Living Waters Used for healing and anchoring the Light. This tool is used for healing and anchoring the Light. The information is to be used to help in all forms of healing and in anchoring the much needed light in these final days of battle against the darkness that wish to take our free will and remove all positive energies from this dimension and space.

Open Healing Channel It has two parts to it, a tool for general world healing that opens a clear focused channel of healing ligh.
Part 2 A more personal use to healers which helps in the healing of specific people/beings in a "hands on if you will" type of way.

Keeper of the Abundance Shrine/Altar This is to be used to help build permanent shrines of anchored abundance to specific places. Such Altars help to make sacred sites throughout the land to promote the Giving energies of the Universe, they also allow for such energies to flow through the natural world in a more easy manner

Spirit Shield Wreath Tool This tool was given to me by the Angel Like Beings to be used in a constant setting. It is easy to make and will send out focused and concentrated Light energy. It will battle the darkness and allow for you to choose specific targets you may wish to protect. How it works This wreath uses the concentrated and focused combined physical, emotional and spiritual energies that it was imbued with upon its creation to continually send out a protective shield for who or what ever. Size really doesn’t matter and you can have as many of these as you wish. For example you could have one to protect the world and one for innocents in general and one for your kids or loved ones or yourself. As many as you want to make hung all around your home, school or office. Because of the shape it is self cleansing. Depending on where it is placed (in moonlight or not) it may need re-powered every now and then.


Tools Programmed or Created for Sale

These are actual tools that only we create and are ready for your use. These are really very amazing in energy and can be purchased by paypal or my shopping cart. To Use shopping card just click on the button. To use Paypal e-mail me what you want and I will send you a paypal invoice.


Dark Night Survivor Non Talc Powder A tool that gives the Angel Like Begins permission to aid us in all negative situations. It allows them to guard us, and lift us as best they can when we are too weak or our spirit has gone astray through pain and depression, or plain deceit on the part of the darkness.

Sacred Generator for Hallowed Energies See page for new individual items
It aids in creating Hallowed and Sacred ground and nothing negative should be able to access it without being invited in, we should be almost invisible to the negativity going on about us.

Energy Plates By Lady Wolfen Mists, As guided by the Angel Like Beings See page for new individual items
Created with Tesla Technology with additions from the ALB's. AMAZING for every Light Worker Out there! “Carriers of Free Energy” will work for an unlimited amount of time. These energies just don’t run out, they are self cleansing and self renewing so all you have to do is hold them or place them close to you


Oils as Tools Created for Your Use

Please click on the name below to take you the the list of Amazing oils
Amazing Oils from the Angels

Requiem Oil-
(a special oil as related to us from Sweet William)

Tears of the Forgiven-

Light Strings

Broken Wings Oil-

(for aid in Healing the body and soul, protection)
Can Be used Long Distance .

Lifted Up Oil-

(for reaching a Higher State of Being)

Armor of Light Oil-

Angel Calls-

Angel Jermiel

Angel Raphael-

Angel Chemuel

Angel Uriel

Angel Metatron

Angel Zadkiel

Angel Raguel-

The 4 Light Bringers

#1 Harmozel, #2 Oroiael, #3 Daueithai, #4 Eleleth


Healers Waters as Tools

These are healing waters as related to Lady Wolfen Mists by the Master Healer Angel Raphael.

Raphaels Healing Waters See page for new individual items
Note from Lady Wolfen Mists : Now from the Angel Raphael I offer to you Healing waters shared with me. Now as many of you know I have the ability to heal, but I don’t use it much because of the side effects it does to me. Lady Wyntiers Song is a much better healer than I could ever think about being, so I have little to do with this area.
Now when Raphael came to me to share this information with me my question was "are ya sure you want to tell me about this?” He was sure as the waters are to be part of the Garden of Angels Tools ™ that the other Angel Like Beings have shared with me. With that here they are to aid in healing. I will add more as I get them ,just click to go tot the page wher they are listed

Raphaels Healing Waters


Strands of Light as Tools

These are wonderful crystal and glass Strands that are programmed for a specific purposes. They were created by the Angels and related to Lady Wolfen Mists by Various Angels to be used as color activation tools.

Strands of Light This is a wonderful Group of tools that are based in color activation and programming. They are Stands of Light ™ that are created to wrap the area they hang in with the energies for a specific purpose (i.e. protection and so on) The prices are reasonable and they make great gifts for yourself and others. These tools are not only beautiful but extremely functional and useful










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