A Remembrance of my 1st Encounter

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I thought you all might get a kick out of hearing about my 1st encounter of the Angel like beings.Me, being your fearless teacher and spiritual guide (hee hee.)
This account shows you the reactions of someone who has worked within the super natural all her 45+ years. Many think because you have worked in the field for so long such encounters become old hat and you don’t react with any normal emotions but you will see I am human and even I harbor fears, its facing them that counts! We are all human, all one family and all have the same, all experience the same emotions, it is what we do with those emotions and what faith we show that gains us wisdom and lets us grow spiritually...So here is the account

I hear them, the flutter they make as they come in pairs to visit. At first I am so very frightened and I close my eyes, I do not want to see it. I do not want to be involved, yet they are still moving around so I call out to the Lady "Mother are you there?" and she answers me "I am here and I am with you now." .

I square my shoulders and think "I must allow the universe to unfold and I will not feed the negativity about me with fear." I open my eyes and look around. They are in my back yard and they come there as plain as day, with folded wings they stand in magnificence and still I must admit I am afraid. Even knowing the Mother is with me, fear grows as I realize I don’t know who or what they are and why they are here. I look at them, they have wings and flowing hair and they look as the Angels described to me in Sunday school so many years ago, I am in awe of this, apprehensive but drawn to them . I will not let this fear stop me, they must be here for a reason and I must have faith they are good and pure for my land is sacred and consecrated and nothing can come here that is negative or hurtful. I turn from the window, I notice a distinct smell surrounding me. Describe it you say…There is no words that can accurately tell you. No scents that can really compare to it, kinda like cotton candy and a touch of rose and pine and more….well I just cant tell you but it is there. It is there surrounding me and enfolding me. I wonder where it comes from so I turn towards it I notice that 2 more are standing before me in my room.

A startled short stifled scream come from me, yet he stands firm and doesn’t move. Our eyes lock, am I to be a Spirit Warrior now I think. Is this intruder one I must fight for the Light and for the all humanity? I am not sure of my ability here but I am sure of my faith, I will do as She leads me. If I am to fight this mighty warrior before me at least 7 feet tall and built like an ancient gladiator with a shining blue sword then for my Lady and Lord I will, for I submit to Them in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. "So Mote It Be!" I think to myself.

I take a breath and gaze into his eyes, checking him out, judging what I will need in this spiritual battle. Then he does the most unexpected thing he winks at me! Yep that what I said he winks and smiles a bright and shining smile that seems to have the very soul of creation within it. This is no negative being and I am relieved. I grin and all of a sudden a warm and loving energy flows over me much like a warm electrical blanket on a 60 below, snow covered day. It warms me to the core and I feel safe and comforted and so very protected by him and all the rest of them My attention is caught once more by the movement of several of them milling about my back yard. Just standing and talking and walking about. Like a party of old friends mingling about, yet there is a sense of purpose in their walking. I look around and no one else seems to see them. I mean No one. There are people out there working on their cars not 10 feet from 2 of them and they just act as if they are not there.

From that I figure that no one else can see them because, I mean, how often do you see 6-7 foot beings in white roman like full length togas and colored sashes milling about a person back yard. There is no reaction from my neighbors, the dogs are howling like they want to play… I wonder "do you think they see them?" I know I live in a part of the country where people are pretty laid back and don’t say much, but come on, 6-7 foot beings with obvious folded wings standing about they should notice. Some are wearing swords on their waists other having big purse like bags (I do not know whats in them.) someone should at least look twice at them but there is no reaction but the dogs howl.

I am amazed at them, I turn to the ones in my room. By now I am wondering at my sanity, has the brain damage gotten worse and now I am seeing things? He is tall, good looking, long flowing hair and a very gentle air about him but strength within that comes from the very core of his being. I reach out to touch him to see if he is real, instead of pulling away he reaches out to hold my hand. He is real!!!!

He speaks to me in a language that is sorta like dolphin noise and whirls, and in something I couldn’t begin to describe. It isn't unpleasant to listen to, its just hard to try and understand. He stops trying to talk with me and touches my head (crown chakra) again there is a warming sensation and I feel a tingle from the top of my head all through my body, I even get goose bumps at the flow of energy throughout me. He speaks again and still I can see his mouth move but I can't hear his words now at all. There isn't even that language I cant understand, just silence and seeing his mouth move.

He shakes his head, I can sense he is as frustrated as I am….He looks at me as if he is looking into my very soul . I have no fear of him at all any longer, more of a sense of knowing him and welcoming an old friend home, there is an ecstasy in his touch. Suddenly he reaches for my forehead (my 3rd eye) and touches that spot. I am flooded with images and ideas and feeling and even words, knowledge beyond compare. It all opens so quickly and my head feels as if it will split wide. I begin to cry at the pain of it all and fall to my knees. The emotions of so many flood over me, such strong powerful emotions.

I can sense the importance of this mission they are on here on Earth for, and the strong pull and over whelming emotions of wanting to help us, wanting to be friends with us and wanting to protect and guide us. I also feel that connection to the Divine through them and I know that for some reason they have chosen me (this damaged and empty vessel) to help do the work of the Lady and Lord of Light. I see things I cant understand, some good some bad. I remember things from when I had my Near Death Experience and I realize that this Angel Like being before me is the one who stood beside me then. I regain that understanding of all things that I had then when I died and I know all things because I have a clear connection to the Creator God/dess. Yet the pain is unbearable in my head, as so much is shared and remembered. Then as suddenly as it happened it stops, I find that I am blind…I cant see at all. My head feels as if a giant railroad spike was pushed through it, and I feel the arms and wings of the Angel as he lifts me up and sits me down in my chair to rest.

Somewhere inside my brain I hear my "little man" tell me I must rest and heal. I also know that all I have taken in is still there but I cant access it right away…All I want right now is to sleep.. My eyes are crying tears and I am shaking, like you do after a terrible injury. Like when all is calmed down and finally your body in shock reacts as it needs to.

That is what is happening to me, my blindness will pass (this often happens with my headaches) the pain will cease and my shaking will end as well, but all I need to do now is sleep the sleep of the dead. He helps me sit down and somehow I am covered by my favorite blanket with a pillow behind my head. I feel the gentle kiss of lips on the top of my head and I drift off to sleep…Yet I wonder as I drift away, did this happen for real…I have seen them all my life, but did this time I really talk with one, touch one…did I really??? I will think on it later for now I must sleep!

So goes my 1st meeting with the Angel like beings who talk with me, hope you enjoyed it.



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