Message from the Angel Like Beings-April 17th 2007

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I got this information on April 17th 2007, and posted it on my blog site, where I post a lot of the Angel Like Beings Messages as well as other information and experiences in my ever strange life

Here is the latest talks I have had with the Angel Like Beings. Last night when I went to sleep after I had cried out to the Lady and Lord what was happening to our world that someone could go into a college and kill so very many innocent people like what has happened in Virginia. I begged for understanding? Why??? What can we do to make life better for those around us, What can I do, how can I serve you better? Show me what you will and let me deliver for you what you say, for I am now and ever will be your Vessel and a servant to the Lighted Positive Path


Hey everyone,

In the dream/vision the Angels came and lifted me up, taking me to the heavens and there I stood before the throne of the Lady and Lord of Light. I noticed the room was marble, but the floor was dirt with straw and such strewn about. The stairs to the thrones were old and wooden and worn, dirt from the floor seemed to be laying upon the steps as if they had been walked up and down a million times and never cleaned. The Lady had her head in her hands and lifted it to smile at me. The Lord just sat there staring into space but when he saw me he smiled at me. I could see that both their eyes were red and weepy. I came to their feet and asked.

"What is wrong? Have I done something to disappoint you? Are you upset at me."

The lady took my face in both hands and said "No my darling child, you have tried hard and you have served well." I asked, "Then why do you cry?"

The Lord stood and waved his hands, before me was a wall of images and it was the universe, then the earth. I looked from a mountain top and saw little lights of Electric Blue, these dots were all around the world, tiny and flitting. Some lights were strong, some weak and some going out before me. In every place in the world, every continent, every country these lights swirled and tried to exist, but there was weakness and fragility to these lights.

The Lord once more waved his hand and other lights were added to the image, Green and Gold. The Neon Blue lights tried to interact with the Golden lights that were on this image… there was much failure here in this attempt. The Blue lights also interacted with the Green lights on the image as well; they were very successful with the Green lights and seemed to grow in energy from this interaction.

I asked "What is that my Lord?"

Yet one of the Angels told me to hush, watch and remember. So I turned my attention to the image once more, now there was only Green neon lights highlighted. They too were everywhere in the world; they thrived in some places and glowed with vibrant lights interacting many times with Golden lights and Blue lights. Seeming to grow in light and energy.

Once more the Lord waved his hand and the image changed. It was Golden lights, all of different brightness and sizes. All over the world in many many places. Some places more than others, some lights growing strong, some fading and some awakening and still others going out completely. Even a few turning dark black. It was then I noticed many many more dark black spots then glowing Golden spots, moving all about the image (world).

Once more I was confused and wanted more information. Cautiously I looked at the Lord, and asked, "My most precious Lord, what is this you show me?"

He said, "It is the world as it is now. The Blue is the realm of the Fae and those spirits of pure positive magick. It is from them that the world turns as it dos, that seasons change and that food and waters flow. They bring love and miracles from the Lady and Myself to all who inhabit this world, they help protect all that is and keep the balance needed, they hold some of the ancient mysteries of life and… they are dying. Their magick is almost gone and darkness is winning by their deaths. No one sees them anymore, they are lonely and need to interact with you all, they need your friendship, even if you do not think so. They need to be needed and respected and worked with as you would any friend, allow them to stand beside you as you fight the battles yet to come, call on their energy for that is what they were created to do!"

He then turned to the Green Lights, "These, my blessed one, are the lights of life of the animals on your planet. They too are here to help you, they teach you love and caring and compassion as well as strong defense and the need for discipline. They give their lives for you in the food chain, and they only ask for respect in how it is taken. They would in an instant give up a life for those they love. They have so much to share with you so many lessons to teach you, but they too are being attacked by the darkness as obstacles in the way of the darkness winning this physical realm. Such loving creatures my Lady and I created for you to share your lives with, your ups and downs. To learn from and laugh with and even feed you as the need may be, many have been relegated as nothing more than pets, thought to have no soul and no input in the natural order of things. Seen as but trophies to hang on wall or lay at your feet. These creatures have much to share with you in the way the battle should be fought against the darkness. They help strengthen your own energy and armor, and they become a vibrant part of yourself as well. They can help activate the needed DNA so you each my recover the gifts you need and acquire the ideal abilities the light needs to win. Protect these animals and love them, treat them as companions and not as owners over slaves. Respect them in all ways even when you eat, for it is their life they gave you to help make you strong, so you may fight against the darkness. There is a way of helping to save these creatures from the onslaught of the darkness, at least not to lose so very many. Learn natural remedies if possible, talk with them (yes I said talk and LISTEN) keep them healthy, safe and above all LOVED!

By now I understood that the Golden lights were once more us, humans. The Lord turned to the image and showed me the Golden lights. He said" These are humans and the many Lightworkers, Healers, Spirit Warriors, Time Stream Walkers and many others who work in the positive. Some are dying that is the lights going out, some have faith that is fading away and to those we must reach out and renew their strength. You see some are awakening and they need direction and understanding, as they are unsure but wanting to help. Then there are those who are turning black, those are the souls broken and mutilated by all that is happening about them or that they have experienced. They are tired of the fight and they give up and give in. The darkness eats them alive and uses their life fore energy to continue to the next one. These we must try and reach if we can, if not we must learn to allow for free will and walk away." With that he wiped several tears from his eyes and deeply sighed as he took a seat.

Then the Lady stood and walked to where I was sitting on the dirty stairsOh my Lady do not sit beside me here. It is dirty and you deserve better." She shook her head, "No, cherished one, I am with you always no matter how dirty or how scary, no matter if the room is full of laughter or if there are shots going on about you. I am there, I hold your hand if you let me and I will lift you out on my shoulders if I must."

With that she lifted me (no small task due to my size) and sat me in Her throne chair. "You are my child, Our child, and all things good are yours for the asking. Our divine spark resides within each and every one of you and you have every right to reside where ever we are." I was overwhelmed and felt such love, my eyes sprang great tears and I thanked her, She wiped my face with the sash of her dress and hugged me.

Next She sat at my feet and turned to the image on the wall, it shimmered and changed. This is what we see in the next 5-6 years, visions of what is to come if things continue as they are now. I saw a great wall of billowing darkness cover the world, I smelt smoke and blood, and decomposition. I heard screams, and crying, and begging for mercy, as well as shots. I felt hunger, thirst, anger, loneliness, hopelessness, constant fear and much more within the places the darkness rolled.

Yet in spots I also saw beauty, love, caring, compassion, sharing and not just surviving, but life flourishing where the Golden spots beat back the darkness. I saw Blue lights becoming stronger and Green lights thriving in these areas of Golden expanse. I saw the darkness loosing ground as Lighted Golden cities began to build and grow. But the darkness was not to be beaten and it then increased its energy, killing the Green lights as it could with plagues and epidemics and new laws. Pestilence affected all living beings and many many died. The Blue light was attacked as well, in every turn and those practicing such work with these lights were taken and tortured

Darkness tried to take over the entire world, Yet it could not for there were still, although only small colonies, places where Light workers, Healers, Spirit Warriors, Time Stream Walkers, animal spirits, Faery (other realm magickal beings) and more positive hearts did gather. They worked with the heart and the power and blessings from the Lady and Lord of Light to keep the darkness and it ambitious followers at bay. The images faded and the wall returned.

Then the Goddess said"This is a war we can not lose, so very many in need. Tell others what we have showed you. Tell them to think deeply and look inward. Awaken and work for the Light, now is the time to beat back the darkness before it takes over the world. Be kind, seek wisdom, walk in love and do not be afraid to invoke our justice against those the darkness has taken. Become the healers you were meant to be, the Light Workers who guide others to us. The Spirit Warriors who fight the darkness and the entities that reside the. The many entities of the light who we so need now. Your World is in trouble, your universe is in grave danger, Now is the time to arise and show your allegiance, to the Lighted Path or to the darkened one?" With that I was tapped on the shoulder and lifted once more by the Angels, returned to my home, kissed gently on the cheek, and told this word "remember," then I slept.


I was told many other things as well and shown things to come. Yet I can not at this time put them out there to you all (I must wait until I am told to do so.) For now know that darkness comes, it battles to own this realm of being and to trap all the souls there it can. We as followers of the Light MUST work together with all positive beings and fight to help anchor the Light here once more. We must lift up those in need, help the helpless and show compassion in all things, yet also practice self defense and protect ourselves as well. Remember and respect the free will of others even if we do not agree with it… We must work to fight back such plans as the darkness uses and beware of the followers of the darkness for they come in our times of hurting and despair to recruit us. They offer treasures, comfort and our hidden dreams and desires. DO NOT LISTEN!!! Call on the Angels (those Messengers of the Bright Lady and Lord )

So dear friends there you have it, take this as you will, a real vision or just a dream. Truth or not you decide. If you decide that I am correct then gather your abilities, your tools your knowledge and prepare for what is yet to come.


till next time

Lady Wolfen Mists



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