Message from the Angel Like Beings-Aug 13, 2007

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I have gotten another message from the Angel Like Beings on Aug 13 2007. I won’t try to make it short for you because this deserves your personal interpretation


Hey everyone,

Here's what happened and what I was told. I was sleeping and there was a bright light that awakened me in the room. I noticed a familiar scent (it was comforting and I felt no fear.) I opened my eyes to see the Angel Like Being Michael standing before me, and next to him was another Angel Like Being who I had never seen before.

Michael told me this was the Angel Charbiel, he wore a light blue under dress with what looked like a deep royal blue sash (it looked velvet like.) His skin was a warm mocha and he was tall with striking longish (shoulder length) white hair and deeply penetrating pool blue eyes. He was tall like Michael and looked very muscular. Here wore a belt and jewelry as well as a symbol on his sash but I am not allowed to tell you more about these. Both had a very serious look on their faces and I knew this was not a time to joke around with Michael as we often do in a fun banter style.

I sat up and said. “Yes, what can I do for you all?” Charbiel spoke with a gentle soothing voice, as he could tell I was nervous in meeting him. He opened a leather looking pouch and took out a globe like object. It hung in mid air and as he began to talk images formed in the sphere. “Do not worry, I am here at the request of the Creators to give you a message of what is to come. Michael escorted me so you would know that what I have to say is true and from the Light. Listen and remember!

Many times you have been told that the darkness is making ready and is coming, now I tell you it is here. It is positioning itself, as it plans its attack to control not just this world but this entire dimension. It does not care what happens to anyone or anything in this dimension and has no problem destroying you all. So there is no more sitting on the fence, every day are making the decision to either fight for the light or ignore it or even fight against it. It is all the same thing if one is not actively fighting for the lighted path, then they are fighting for the Darkness. There can be no apathy here!

Here is what is to come: Within the next 30 days there will be a large junction in the time lines. This will be a situation in which darkness will control important, essential positions on this planet or it will be beaten back. If it is beaten back you will not notice it so much; if it wins it will be a major event you can’t miss. Winning means a victory for it that may be hard for the Light to come back from, losing means it takes a breath and it will try again.

Around you now you will notice there are portals opening and closing all about the world, some good some bad. This is the cause of some many new earthquakes and odd storms, as these portals open and close the energy is being let go into the Earth itself, cause it to shake and twist. .

Yet to happen will be much going on with Water, for it is my job. The waters of the Earth will begin to dry up and the heat will be intense. Food will die on the vine and when there is food it will cost much. In the time to come there will be only the very very poor and the very very rich. Those in power will take your freedoms and treat the poor as slaves to do the work, as Darkness seems to reign.

You will also notice from this point on an increase in murders and crazy senseless violence around the world. Children will need to be protected more carefully as they will become prime targets of these people. People (and animals) with mental illness will seem to slide deeper into the illness as they become more and more oppressed by the negativity and the darkness. Those who would have behaved with violence to begin with will find it easier to exhibit this behavior, as they too are being surrounded by the oppression. The entire world will feel the oppression as the darkness struggles to get a foothold and uses whatever chinks in everyone’s and everything’s armor. It will dig and drill into the wounds of everyone until it gets what it wants. You MUST cling to the light, wear the ALB symbol, call out to us when you are depressed and having ideas that are not your own. Depend on the Lady and Lord of the Lighted Positive path, speak with them at least daily, and share with like minded others so you have a support system.

Be sure to, in ALL situations, protect yourself Do not answer the door to strangers. DO NOT pick people up you do not know, DO NOT place yourself in a situation where you could be hurt. Continue to do random acts of kindness, but do these at a safe distance. If you wish to feed the poor, do it at an established safe place like a church or with a social service organization. DO NOT go yourself alone down to the dark end of town and feed them, for the oppression may be too much for them and they may hurt you

If you are attacked DO NOT hesitate to fight for your life. DO NOT take the extra seconds to think, “Oh would this be what the universe would want me to do, would this be bad Karma?” REACT with out fear for this because Children of the Light this is a spiritual war and the darkness will see each and everyone of you Light Workers dead! Do not go out looking for a fight but do not hesitate to protect yourself if you feel your life to be in jeopardy!

Listen even closer now to the small still voice inside your head. This is your intuition, if it tells you “Something is wrong here, move!” LISTEN to it, don’t question. MOVE!

If it says get to the car and get out of here. DO IT! Do not take time to buckle the seatbelt (you can do that later in a safer place) GO! Do not linger in places that are dark and alone, for the darkness targets each and every light worker on this planet. The less of you there are the less it will have to fight

When leaving a place at night. Get in the car. Do not fiddle with your purse and packages. Toss them in, get in, and LOCK THE DOORS right away. Then you can settle yourself if you feel safe enough in this spot. If not drive away to a lighted spot and put on the seat belt, adjust your items and drive away. Mostly I am trying to tell you BE AWARE! Listen and don’t second guess yourself and be ready to react in a seconds notice.

Light Workers, you are the last hope for this planet, without you the darkness will win and every soul essence will be locked here for all eternity. This dimension will not be usable, as the darkness will not allow for spiritual advancement and ascension. The ascension process has begun (you will hear more on that in the future) so the Darkness has no choice but to fight now to keep this place as a domain of its own, so it may continue to exist, control and hurt so many souls.

These words are not meant to scare you Children of the Light, they are meant to warn you. Encourage you to fight for the Lighted Path. Each one of you has chosen to be here at this time, in this spiritual war to act your part out. Each one of you is much needed in the success of the Light and in the Ascension process not just for the individual souls but for the dimension itself and all beings within it.

I was then told that was all I could share right now with you all. Then Michael touched my forehead and told me to “Sleep.” Which I did and when I awoke I remembered what I was told and so I have written it down and presented it here. Believe what you will of it, if it rings true take it and use it, if not then that is your decision. Myself, I know the ALBs and I know where they come from I believe. Yet I would pray that none of you take my word for it, that instead you listen with your heart and decide for yourself.

May the Light fill your path and May the Angel Like Beings be at your side

Lady Wolfen Mists



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