The Dream- Sept. 15 2004

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Last Night I had a dream ... It was one of those dreams that you know is more than random thoughts that gather. This was a time spent with the Goddess and God. I found myself sitting at Her feet on a huge Purple velvet pillow as She sat on a throne. In Her left hand She held the world and it was spinning slowly, in Her right She sent pure White light to it.

The Light covered the world as it turned and the light turned to strings that seemed to weave in and out of the continents and the waters. It was like a giant spider web as it touched places and the places the light strings touched seemed to light up and glow. Some were bright and glowing. Some were dimmer but they still lit up. Yet some places refused the light connection and the strings just hung there in space between Her hands and the world as it spun about.

Then She took a breath and blew out upon the world and the seasons began to change and the winds began to whip up. The world stopped turning and I saw America. The seas churned and I saw the East Coast covered in water and buildings fall, people crying as they lost all they had as well as loved ones. I saw the Midwest become dry and dusty, then waters flowed again as the plains flooded and food crops were ruined. The West Coast was dry, parched and begged for water, dust flew and fires raged. At all the places there was great devastation and people wailed at their losses, losses in family loved ones, in land, in material possessions in finances. They were left with very little

I asked the Lady why this was happening and She said it was time to cleanse the old to make way for the new. That everything needed to grow and shed the old. It can be a painful process but it is the way of growth, we must shake off the old and move forward for the new. She told me to look close…..

I then saw illness untold run rampant through the world, not just America. It couldn't be stopped and many died. The illness was quick and breathing was hard and only a few survived who contracted it. The streets of many places were dead of activity as many stayed inside and tried not to catch the illness. Next in the dream The God came in and sat beside us. He had a tear in his eye as he sounded a hunting trumpet. I thought it was kinda weird, but hey whos gonna tell the God such a thing.

He looked at the world, tears fully running down his face and I saw the crops die as millions starved. I asked why he didn’t feed these people…He only shook His head and pointed. I saw these souls that left the world were caught in the Light web that the Lady had placed about the world. Each soul was making its way to a strand of the lighted strings and inside the string was those Angel like beings I keep seeing.

They were waiting for each soul who had died and were ready to cross to the light, those not ready to cross just seemed to roam about the world not sure they were dead. Those that were not dead, who continued to do work on the Earth went on as we do in everyday life.

The Angel like beings enfolded those within the strings of light in their wings (which was way cool) and took them up the lighted path to somewhere I couldn’t see very well but it was bright. I think it was to the hand of the Lady Herself (the Summerland) as that’s where the light strings came from but I am unsure as I didn’t actually see this happen.

Next He sounded the trumpet again in a different tone and the animals of the planet began to die. It started with the sea, then I saw the Gorillas die and the birds and then the dogs and cats (the domestic animals.) I am not sure if this has some significance as to the ones who go first or if those are the ones that caught my attention, but I did get the strong feeling that all animals on the Earth were in jeopardy of leaving.

I cried hard and asked why? He shook his head and in a deep rich voice told me that the world didn’t have enough energy to allow these animals to stay. That each species needed a specific amount of regulated resonance (energy) to stay on the earth and when that energy level was low or completely gone (as in the gorillas) then they had to move on.

Where did these animals go I asked? Do they cease to exist??? The God threw back his head and laughed, "Never my dear, never"

I looked again and I saw (I swear this to be true as it simply amazed me.) The animals going up the light strings as well and being met by winged creatures much like angels but also like the animals. What are those I asked. The Lady told me they were the animals spirit guides and they were collecting them for their new world.

I look at the Lady's hand and saw that the Lady had created a new world and it was pinkish and blue and green and purplish. It was spinning quite fast as it seemed to gather bits and pieces of solid matter. The Lady said this is where those animals who were not finished with their learning will go, so they can finish what they were to do. Since it was not their fault the Earth could not hold them they had to have a place to go to, to finish, this is the law of Balance in the Universe. Now when they have completed this life as they were to do, they to will cross to the Summerland. I was totally amazed and shocked…..

The Lady then spoke to me and told me that the time of the great cleansing comes quickly. That the world can not exist without the loving light for much longer, and that we must all do our part. We must share our love and caring with all, for these acts help to connect the strings. "Do not hide your feelings any more of caring for another."

She continued with me, "Did you see the strings of light that connected?" "Yes," I replied. "Those were actions and expressions of love," She told me. "The strings that didn’t connect were places where love was refused or not expressed or where pain and torture was happening. The places where the light was bright and brilliant was vortex's of love and wisdom, or places where people have anchored the light on their own. They may also have been ancient sacred places that vibrate high energies that are of loving emotions. Places where the intent was placed for the highest good of the world an all beings, places where "Our Children" walk and follow our teachings to them. Not any specific religion mind you, but those who have uncovered the ancient knowledge and use it to the highest good. Do you understand what I am telling you?" I could only nod my head yes as I stared at the world in a new way, memorizing all I was seeing. Seeing things of the present and things yet to come.

Then the Lord said to me, "When the cleansings come you must make ready" "What must we do," I asked? "Use your wisdom as the Eagle does and the Bear," He said. "Be as the Squirrel in readiness and remember the Mountain Lion and the Elk in your leadership ways. Follow the path of the Otter and the Wolf it will never fail you."

"Do not let the Dragonfly confuse you, but use the qualities of Mouse to see things clearly. Above all keep faith like the Eagle and loyalty like the Dog."

He stopped and cupped my chin holding it towards his and called out my soul name (the one no one knows but me and the Goddess and God.) "I tell you this do not be afraid to use the Power of the White Horse, it has been yours forever, do not fear it."

"For all of you I say this No matter what happens or what is to come, what difficulties arise or what conditions come your way…..Love one another, find the joy of the Humming bird in life. Know WE will never abandon you. You are Our Children and We have blessed you to be able to reach out and know the unknown. If you remember all these things We have taught you and given you, You need only ask and it will be so."

Then I was shown lots more at the side of the Lady and Lord but they have told me to keep it still in my heart until they release me of it to share it with the world, and then I woke up.

So there you have it Dear Ones. A dream??? I don’t know, a reality that I have made up in my head you may say. Perhaps, as I have no scientific proof otherwise. An attempt to be special or fan my ego? I do not think so as I do not really like the criticism that often comes from sharing such things, the attacks of non believers can be vicious and cruel. I do not think I would set myself up for that. A real vision… I am inclined to go with this one, I have been seeing Angel like beings for sometime now, perhaps I have been able to lift my vibrational frequency a bit and allow me entrance into the actual working place of the Lady and Lord, I do not know. Perhaps She called me to Her side and I responded…

In any case I will be doing as I was instructed and sharing how much I appreciate, love and care for all the people about me. I will do positive random acts of kindness, as I know each loving act will connect one more strand. Maybe by doing this what I saw will be avoided and we will all (this entire world) will rise in our vibrational frequency to a higher level of being and we will help everyone. I'm sure gonna try…I will listen also to the words of the Lord and abide by them…..

You? You must do what you feel is right and react to this dream or vision as you feel it correct for you. The truth test is this "Ask yourself does it ring true in your hearts? If it does then fine, if not then you must do as you are lead as well

Till the stars part the sky

Lady Wolfen Mists

Someone asked me what the animals meant that the God spoke of so here they are posted for you all. These are traditional representations from Native American Medicine

Use your wisdom as the Eagle does and the Bear =Eagle is Great Spirit, Bear is Introspection

Be as the Squirrel in readiness = Gathering

Mountain Lion = Leadership

Elk = Stamina

Otter = Woman Medicine

Wolf = Teacher

Dragonfly confuses you = Illusions

Mouse = Scrutiny

Keep faith like the Eagle and loyalty like the Dog = Pretty much what it says- Eagle = Spirit, Dog = Loyalty

Horse = Power

Humming bird = JOY

Which makes the meaning of the words shared from the God all the more interesting dont you all think. Any comments at all???




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