Another Battle & teaching from the Angels - Sept. 22 2004

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Just tonight I was speaking with the Angel Like Beings again in my dreams and they told me to also draw on the power of the green. I wasn't sure what they meant and in my mind they showed me the Green Man, I was taught to call on this power for fighting as well. I could draw the grounding energy into me to help heal me as I bleed on the astral. I was even shown how to visualize ivy and other vines holding the dark shadow people down (even from barren Earth the vines can rise up) as the animals and I practiced in defending the light and lighting up the shadow people.

It was an amazing revelation to me and once again confirmed the interconnectedness (is that even a word, oh well you get what I mean) of us all.

I saw all the elements in their gateways connect together and make a strong illuminated front. I saw all the creatures in those direction stand together in a band that couldn't be broke. Then I saw a brake in the links, it was a small one and from it was iridescent white and purple color leaking out.

The opening though small seemed like a huge yawning gape in this front line. I soon noticed that all the colors seemed to be leaking out this hole as the darkness used it and poured in (almost like using the back door.)

A White Stag came forward and called my name "Come Stand with us and fight back the darkness, together were are an unbeatable front, apart we are only as good as the chink in our armor. We all have something to offer and we can all be used to help in the wholeness of life and in balance of all things, even the darkness, in this universe. Come... Please...Stand With Us."

With tears of great emotion, (I seem to cry alot lately, just watching TV and the news often brings me to tears, is it that I am growing older and more touched in the heart over things, or is it the pain of this world grows so great it weights as a huge burden on my soul and spirit? Anyone else experiencing this as well???) Anyway so with tears of great emotion ( in the positive sense) I went to the break and joined in, The hole fit me to a tee and soon the cracks about me were healed and the leaking of the colors of direction stopped.

Even more so the darkness couldn't pour in any more and I heard curses and screams. Yet I couldn't be moved. I was locked beside my brothers and sisters in the universe and I was a part of it all. There was The Watchers of the East and the South and the West and the North and Spirit (me) all together, side by side inseparable and immovable. Any weakness I had was backed up by one of them any weakness they had was backed up by me. It was an amazing feeling!!!

Once more I heard a voice and it was the Goddess. "This my dear child was how it was meant to be, before the great division. This is why we came to you, this is what you all were to learn and understand for in this lays all the greatest mysteries you could ever know. More secrets are here at your very feet and the touch of hands and minds, if only things could be as they were always meant to be. Do not let the dividers break you, do not be afraid to call on those other parts of the universe that wait to be a part of you, a part of the Great Healing. This is the Greatest Circle of Being and within it is all that is, was and will ever be! It is your victory and your light. It leads to all questions and all answers and it will win against the darkness and the divisions every time if you but let it and become a part of it and its wholeness"

Then the Voice was gone and I felt complete and at home! Oh just a side note to those who want to know how the mock battle went: We kicked ass in this newest learning battle against the darkness. Now if only I can remember the techniques and methods in a real astral battle then I wont come home with physical cuts and bruises and need time to rest and heal. I will be able to be a strong and useful tool for the light

A hopeful and grateful




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