unhappy e-mails need for more clarity - April 26 2005

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The other day I got some e-mails that said what I feared the most, why is everything reported so dark? Why is it so cryptic that only the person getting the information can understand it they asked? Why isn't it easy for everyone to get? It continued, with all due respect to me, that they were tired of the doom and gloom reports………

This my friends is my biggest fear and one of the reasons I am hesitant to report what I get. I do not want to be seen as a doom and gloomer. I don’t want to be thought of as a prophet (there was also a reference to most prophets only reporting bad stuff.) I am just me, a vessel of the Lady and Lord. I did not ask to see these beings and I most seriously didn’t want the responsibility of relating what they say, but I have found that when the Lady wants you to do something it really doesn’t matter how much you would rather otherwise. As Her servant you are lead and this is the direction She took me.

So I went to the Angel Like Beings and I asked for straight answers that everyone could understand. They told me that those who were meant to understand would and that the information I had been given before was simple and made sense to those who were listening. So I explained what the e-mails said and how some people may feel. They sighed and said ok here is something straight forward and easy to understand.(I got a Hitler like image here.) We, as Children of the Light may be the first to notice this, as the energies will break the flow of the natural order of things, yet sooner or later everyone will feel the changes.

Now let us be very blunt about the coming darknes . It comes, it comes for control of this world, for control of the universe as we know it, and for your soul. Your life energy, your emotions feed it and it grows. It grows on the manifestation of Pain, hurt, hate, depression, spiritual confusion and anything that incarcerates your free will and your positive emotions. Anything that causes pain to another makes it dance with glee. It drags you down and makes you to believe there is no way out. It wants you to be confused and even apathetic so you do not fight back. You do not chase it away (which can be done with the flick of your wrist and the flex of your mind.) All you need do is say "NO, I will not be part of this and I will work only within the light."It will flee, it must, for the Light lights it up and it can not stand the light for long.

As the days become harder in money and in material goods available people will become more interested in the darkness, as it draws a curtain over the world. Many will find it irresistible as it offers them so many things, power, material goods, success and fame and much more. Yet you allMUST KNOW that the darkness can not offer you ANYTHING that isn't rightly meant for you anyway. You can not be given riches that wasn’t meant for your life anyway or fame or material goods or anything. All these things they offer you, would have been given to you through the path of the Light anyway, without the incarceration of your soul and without leaving your positive spiritual path. They have NOTHING to offer you that wasn’t meant for you to have at your Earth time birth, period, get that? All the options that were available for you with your free will intact were there for you at birth, it was yours to claim, it is NOT a GIFT from them. All your gifts are available from the second you were born, if you work towards them and accept them, that my dears is all up to you (free will thing). You have decided what these gifts would be prior to your birthing here on earth, you decided what needed to be done to reach each gift. The darkness can create nothing, it can give you nothing! It can heal nothing and it can lead you no where but down! Understand this, it can only steal from you and deceive you into believing you are given something from it that you couldn’t have attained on your own. Yet know these were yours for the asking to begin with. Is that simple enough to understand?

Walk away from the darkness, claim what was meant for you and become what you were meant to be when you came to this world. DO NOT BE DECEIVED! They will take your gifts of spirit and twist them so it feeds the darkness and helps it to grow.

Some of you feel that it is unfair for you to be in the middle of this Battle between Light and Dark, you didn’t ask to be here you say. You didn’t want to fight with the Universe for one side over the other. You think we should all just "get along" and make nice. You think if you just don’t do anything and sit on the fence that will work for you. I am sorry to say none of this is true. YOU did ask to be here, right at this very second in time. Before you were born you requested to be a part of this, you wanted to be here and knew the responsibility you would have to face. So realize that none of you are here by chance and those incarnating now are not here by chance either, they also asked to be a part of this battle and do what must be done. Secondly we cant just "get along and make nice" why? because the darkness will not stop until there is no more light ever. Until every spark of life and light is taken from your soul, your world, your universe.

Since the darkness can not create, it can not feed itself and so it must feed off of you and all energies of creation. It consumes them, destroys them and moves on for more. It will never stop until all creation as we know it ends and then it will feed upon itself, as in the beginning of time. Do you understand now, you are not just fighting for your life or the life of your planet but for the creation energies of all things so that time and eternity as you know it (and places you don’t know or aren't aware of) continue to exist. And before you say hey we learned that all things continue in some form or another even in death, let me explain. Yes that is true in the universe as it is now, yet if darkness wins the laws will change and when the life force of creation ceases to exist so with the energy of the being. So in essences when the darkness ends its feeding of creation then creation will cease to exist. There will be NOTHING…..nothing can not hold any creation energies or it become something…so simply all things will cease to be.

But there is an important point that must be made here as well. This one point we cant stress enough is the LIGHT is much more powerful than the darkness. It can create and it can call into existence anything that will help in the positive addition of life in this battle, with just a focused thought with higher intentions for all. Whatever the Darkness takes away we can replace (or call into existence again) but we must be aware, thus we have the Spirit Warriors who train in this area!

We must teach everyone who can hear us, that no matter how very deep down in darkness you feel, no matter how awful the circumstances about you call on us, the Angel Like Beings. We will lift you up, we will guide you, we will not abandon you. We are your shield and armor as you fight your battles with the darkness in everyday life. We will lift your words to the very ears of the Lady and Lord of Light (They hear all that you say, yet we help let Them know what you need. We share with Them what gifts you are ready to receive) Allow us to be a part of your life in everyday situations and we will see a difference. You will become more aware of the things about you as the darkness encroaches near you, You will have the confidence not to fear and to fight for the light as needed. Your hearts will open and you will hear the very words we whisper into your ears daily. You need never walk alone into anything for we are joyous to be with you, to guide and protect you and to work the will of the Most divine Lady and Lord of Light.

Ok so does that make things less cryptic and more understandable?" I think so I replied as He touched my crown chakra and my heart chakra. "Walk in Beauty and Love dear One, they fight for your very soul for you are a speaker of the truth. Fight and knew that in your battles we are there beside you for you are our ward and we will protect you."

He also spoke to me about those who have created the Grid of Living Waters and used other tools They had shared with us all and how very much it helped. Not just protecting our physical dimension but aiding the battle and protecting many other planes of existence and dimensions. How such places couldn’t be desecrated no matter what, as it touched to many places of existence at once. Also telling how the darkness had to flee from the light as these most powerful creative energies now flowed from one point of creation to another, making amazing doorways of energy to many dimensions and planes of existence. These were jobs well done and these people would be blessed.

Then he said some personal things which are private and I will not share, not because I am hiding anything but because they belong to me alone. I only mention them here to let you know the entire encounter, and so ended my speaking with the Angel Like Beings.

I want to thank the persons who sent me the e-mails about the need for more clarity in the reports as well as the tiredness of doom and gloom, your honesty is refreshing and welcome. Please dont strike out at them for they are truly trying to understand as we all are and are welcome to report their feeling as much as anyone. I know that there isn't a lot of sunshine and puppies here again but as I told the e-mailers I can only report what I get, anything else would be a lie and then my gifts would become twisted and drained by the darkness as well. So doom and gloom it may be. but it is what I get and it is all I can share right now.

Blessings and may you find your place in it all




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