Message from the Angel Like Beings-July 21st 2006

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I got this information on Friday, July 21st 2006 and posted it on my blog site, where I post a lot of the Angel Like Beings Messages as well as other information and experiences in my ever strange life


Hey everyone,

I have been working like mad and getting a lot of work done as well as catching up on work I was supposed to get done and didn’t. So that’s where I have been if you have been wondering…. I have also been busy with the Angel Like Beings, who have been talking with me often about the situation in the world today. I have expressed my fears (as many of us have) that all this fighting on all fronts is gonna draw the world into another world war. They have spoken to me about this and told me many things that are yet to come…. Some I can speak of now some must wait until I have permission to share those insights with everyone.

One of the things I can share with everyone is how the ALB expressed to me that even as the negativity of the world rises and seems to drown the Light around us do not give up, or fear to deeply. That we are to remember that just a speck of light will wash away the darkness and lies. Just a tiny speck of light (in your heart) will flood darkness with Light to such a point that light prevails in all areas if we only look close and listen to the voice of intuition we all have within ourselves.

The World is in a time of great change and these changes offer us all great opportunities of spiritual, mental and material growth. We will be facing opportunities in life (some good, some bad) that will show us where our true heart lays and our actions will bear out where our intentions are. (Meaning we will be making choices in life that are either helping others or helping only our own self without regard to others.) We as Light Workers will see the Darkness around us but we will also feel our energies and abilities grow to such a point where we may feel ourselves on another spiritual plane as we evolve to another level of being. The concerns of yesterday and the goals we had then will not seem as important as before, and now we see the bigger picture of things. We as Light Workers will begin to actually manifest and live within our Light Bodies and walk this Material/ Earthly plane in those new spiritual bodies, sharing the Light with all about us and working with our basis being in that which is in the Highest good for all involved. Ok so you say we have been trying to do that forever… yes true, but even now as we speak, many of us are actually moving into bringing into physical being those abilities in manifestation those spiritual Light bodies which we have used on the spiritual level for so long. This is the evolution and ascension we have all been waiting for so long.

I have said before that The ALB have said that the time has come where the nice will become nicer and the mean will become meaner now I understand what is truly meant. We who have been working for the spiritual anchoring of the Light are finally coming into the beginning of the fruition of our work (WELL DONE!) and ascension we have all been waiting for so long

The ALB (Angel Like Beings) also told me that the veils between the worlds and dimensions are ripping and tearing and those who are sensitive will see, feel, know, smell things that not "natural" to this plane of being. Relax when this happens, call on your own personal power and listen to your intuition…Just because it is different and not something you are used to doesn’t mean its bad or evil, its just different. Listen to your inner voice… if it says it bad then listen to that and use the free will zone power (see my website for that technique if it feels ok then speak with it if you can, it may help you on your spiritual journey. So expect new and wild things…look for new opportunities to work within the Lighted path and claim the new gifts many (and I do mean many of you) will be experiencing or the increase in power in the abilities you already have. Above all . DO NOT FEAR.

Remember always who you are; a Child of the Light, a servant of the Path of Loving Light and a Warrior against the Darkness. Darkness that would feed on your energy that would bind us to this level of being and would keep us enslaved for its own greed. Darkness, which would take away our free will and our ability to explore the very worlds around us, keeping us enveloped in its pain and hurt. We have the power to slip those chains and yoke. if we but see it for what it is and exercise our voices to claim our own divine power and rise above the Darkness, shedding Light to all the corners about us. We can do this alone if we have the strength or with the Help of other divine beings like the Angel Like Beings who are here to help us if we only reach out and ask, they MUST respect our right to free will so if we don’t ask they cant help.

So it looks like we are in for a wild time, with lots of ups and downs. Yet in the end the grand plan is coming about and we all know who wins this war of darkness and light, as we ascend on up the ladder of spiritual evolution and become one with the divine within each of us.

May the Light fill your path and May the Angel Like Beings be at your side

Lady Wolfen Mists



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