A Dark Night Of The Soul- April 11th 2005

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I got this information on April 11th 2005 and posted it on my blog site, where I post a lot of the Angel Like Beings Messages as well as other information and experiences in my ever strange life


A Dark Night Of The Soul
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Today I would like to share a bit about the Dark Night of the Soul with you all. I know it may seem like I am beating a dead horse in this forum but it seems important to me. I sense there is a great darkness that will enfold this world soon, and we all need to be ready for it. I would love to be able to write much brighter and lighter things but somehow these are the words that weigh heavy on my mind. For those who understand, I am guided to write this and I learned a long time ago not to ignore what the Bright Lady would have me do So with that said her is my latest rant.........

Have you ever felt beaten down, you keep trying but there is nothing, and I mean nothing to hold onto. You question everything and especially yourself and purpose in this world. Have you ever had every single memory that was painful run through your mind over and over? Have the voices/thoughts that come with this told you that it was all your fault and you were a useless person or worse? Sometimes they even tell you the world would be better off without you.

You try to ignore it but you cant, and it drags you so far down. You are so tightly wrapped into it, that you not only believe it but you begin to think that you were wrong before (when you had focus and hope.) That everything you had held true before the darkness got you was a joke, a lie, a bit of your imagination.

Yes you are to beaten down to reach out for help, to alone with your pain to even begin to know what to do.This my friends is an example of the Dark Night Of the Soul. It creeps up on us usually when we are doing something good and spiritual, when we are taking another spiritual step up that ladder of enlightenment. It wants to keep us where we are and so it finds our fears, worries and embarrassments. It separates us not just from the Light but from each other, and it gives us hopelessness and loneliness. We are lost in this darkness, yet IF we wait and listen, If we call out over and over for help, there will be the flutter of wings. We only need to reach for it in the lighted loving form it comes and once more have faith and believe and KNOW that dark nights do not last as we are powerful spirit filled creatures and we can always beat the dark night back with just a flick of the mind and a call to the Mother or Father

Here is my most recent Dark Night, it came on me quickly as it tried to stop my work and stop me from sharing what the Angel Like Beings share with me on my delphi site. It tried to break me, and for a few moments it did and I cried out in pain and hurt at the despair about me. I was in alot of physical pain and feeling bad about being so very poor and not able to really do much because of my disability. Anyway just read I am sure I am not alone in this experience

My Battle with the Dark Night Of The Soul

LWM April 11 2005

I am lost in the darkness of a broken soul
Torn and twisted.
Words and feeling prod at me.
I feel only hurt, hopelessness and pain.
There is no light here.
I cry out in anguish,
and it only echoes on and on into eternity.

I think "No one hears me, no one runs to my side."
Constant shadows pick at my brain, past painful experiences replay over and over,
and I am humiliated, degraded and disgraced beyond all compare.
I sit in the dark night of my soul......
Hopeless without light.......

I hear the shadows tell me "You are unlovable."
"You are useless, You are worthless, You will never succeed. Do us all a favor and end it now."
A part of me used to know better, but it seems to have fled.
I hear them over and over and I begin to believe.
I am to tired and to crippled of soul, body and spirit to fight back.
The darkness and shadow people dance in glee, as tears of desperation fall.

At my feet falls a single object,
I hesitate to touch it,
I can stand no more pain here in this place!
Yet somehow my hands seem to have a mind of their own,
I reach for it,
It is a feather and its soft warmth flows through me.
It begins to shine and a bluish white light enfolds me.
It lifts me from this darkened pit and I have HOPE
The scent seems familiar and safe and I feel enraptured.

I know I am not alone, someone. something sent this to me.
Somewhere something yearns to help me,
with that knowing I have a renewed sense of fight.
I will fight the blackness and the pain!
I will not believe the things I hear within!
Nor will I believe the things that are played over and over again in my mind!
I will not "do us all an favor" and end ME!
I have purpose once more.
I have dedication and spiritual strength.
I will NOT be broken by this attempt to silence my spirit, soul, and essence

I have faith, powerful and renewed,
and I call out to this being who sent this lifeline to me
The words do not echo this time when I shout,
They are answered quickly and gently
The flutter of wings is all about me
The Messengers of the Gods lifts me up
A lighted path is set before us and the darkness screams and runs,
Shadow people scramble to find protection in this pit of lies, shame and hurt.
The light makes a staircase and I am elevated by sheer unconditional love!
With each step I am more and more healed and I am renewed!
I am given a place in the universe beside my Lady and Lord
and I am no longer lonely or alone

I have made it through another Dark Night Of The Soul,
With the help of the Lady and Lord and the messengers they send to guide me.
It will not be the last one in life I suffer,
There will be more, for the Darkness fears my steady climb to the top of the spiritual ladder.
It wishes to stop my work of sharing and helping others.

Yet I will work on my "cracks,"
I will make them less usable for the Darkness.
So next time I may well be able to rise on my own, as I call the Light to me.
Next time with work, I may be able to not listen and walk away.

Yet there is comfort that even if I cant do this next time,
I know now, deeply inside, that all I need do is reach out.
The darkness can't take from me the knowledge I have gained this day.
Nor the feather I have stored away,
for yet another battle with
The Dark Night of the Soul.


All rights reserved, please respect my copyright do not allow this to "appear" elsewhere without my permission. I would love to hear your thoughts on this so I hope to see some comments

May the Light fill your path and May the Angel Like Beings be at your side

Lady Wolfen Mists



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