Battle For the Light
- April 16th 2005

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I got this information on April 16th 2005 and posted it on my blog site, where I post a lot of the Angel Like Beings Messages as well as other information and experiences in my ever strange life


Battle For the Light
by Lady Wolfen Mists
April 16, 2005

Before we begin let me explain that the following is a re-account of a major battle on the astral plane, and the tool I was given to help us align and identify ourselves with and to other Children of the Light.

It began as follows:

My cat (Perth) who has crossed was there, as was Lisa's dog Shadow who was killed. Perth on the astral is very much a large Black Panther with teeth like a sabertooth, he is easily 200 pounds of muscles and bone. Shadow has also transformed into a huge dog, keeping his shape the only real change is his ears are blood red. He is about 150-175 pounds, almost triple his size here on earth plane. All very much Servants of the Light and Warriors in their own rights.

Perth, Shadow and me found ourselves in a dark pit, perched on an outcropping which was overhanging a constant flow of molten lava. It was very hot and the despair of this place seemed to weigh like stones pressing upon you. We knew we had to fight for the Light in escaping this pit of hopelessness and pain.

As we stood on this cliff hanging out over a huge abyss of molten lave, we saw behind us where the cliff meet the wall of stone was a cave/door, it would not open. Suddenly we were physically attacked by shadow people, and skin winged flying creatures of the darkness. I will not lie and say I wasnít afraid as the creatures cut and hacked away at me, yet I also knew that this was a battle that I must fight and win. I used my Spirit Warrior tools and abilities and fought with all my skills. All the while we were fighting we were aware that we may fall at any time, as we were attacked over and over and over again by these creatures of the darkness. We all 3 stood back to back and fought for our very lives, it was a bloody and gruesome battle, yet we held our ground well.

At the battles very worst part, where we were failing by the constant onslaught of one creature after another. I took out the feather that I had gotten while in the pit from the Angel Like Beings, the one that had helped me leave the pit before.

In my hands it glowed and warmed, releasing a sweet scent and a soft humming (vibration) as I held it knowing that this may very well be my last act. The cave/door behind us opened. In charged the White Horse that has so much been a part of my life, and several other helpers (I was told not to mention who or what they were.)

The horse fought with front hooves slashing and biting and knocked many of the flying creatures into the lave and destroyed many shadow people by ripping through them with Light that gleamed from his very hooves. Next the Horse took Perth to a small island of stones that rose out of flow of molten lave below. The stones raised up further out of the lave upon Perth's landing there. The horse then vanished from my view as I continued to try and fight the dark creatures.

Then there was a brilliant blinding electric green light that flashed, and a lot of screaming and yelling. The stone island that Perth stood upon had turned to crystals and was now emitting a bluish white light, breaking down everything dark it touched. A beam of this increasing light shot all the way up to the sky, cutting a torch through the darkness and getting brighter and stronger, as the crystal island got bigger and bigger. Again there was screaming in agony and howling as the light lit up the darkness.

I looked about and I saw several more cliff perches all about, like the one I was on, and bodies "stuck" there as well, much like me. Some were trying to fight, some were so very lost and hopeless all they could do was sit and cry as the shadow people picked at, abused and tormented them. Torturing their very souls. The shadow people danced in glee at the suffering and anguish of these poor "stuck" beings. These broken trapped souls didnít even have the energy or hope to reach out to the light that seemed to be growing around them, maybe they were so very lost in this pit they couldnít see it?

Then Shadow (the Dog) gave me a vial of powder and told me to quickly rub it on my body. I took the powder like substance and used it right away, it smelled pleasant and reminded me of something safe yet distant in my mind. A place of familiar comfort and protection where I had visited before, yet I didnít have much time to really think on it, as events began to unfold even more quickly then before.

There was a huge split in the sky as if the very fabric of space was ripped apart and in poured many many Angel Like Beings (I would say hundreds but I am not sure the actual total but they filled the sky around us all.) Beams of Light and Swords (that looked like they glowed of the same bluish white light) slashed and cut their way through what was left of this dark pit, destroying the actual place.

Some Angel Like Beings rescued those "stuck" on cliffs, lifting them out and away from this place. Others destroyed and rounded up the creatures of darkness. The skin winged creatures that could fly were "rounded" up and taken away by other Angel Like Beings (wings of Feathers) The shadow people were destroyed, literally blown up by the light their shrieks and howls of mercy ignored.

Shadow (the dog) was at my side once again, as was Perth who had since returned. I wondered at how the Angels who flew with such fierceness and fury could take time to know who was who. How could they see in such a battle who was the enemy and who was to be saved. In my own battle I had hacked and slashed and without thought as the creatures of the darkness just keep coming. There was not time to really think on who or what, just fighting.

Shadow (the dog) then told me that I was not touched in this battle because of the powder, the Angel Like Beings passed me over because of the scent and what the powered did to my vibrational self. I was identified as a child of the light, one they needed to help and protect.

Then I was lifted by my angel who speaks to me often (I can not give you his name but I know him well) to safety outside of the pit. He spoke to me of many many things and told me of future events that may happen in which this powder would help to identify those of the Lighted path. It would make an instant connection to the Angels and allow you to be easily identified in all battles. This powder would allow the Angels to be "ready" to aid you in an instant. He explained that since we have free will and the Angels Like Beings cant interfere in our lives with out being asked that when we fall in to such hopelessness and despair as this pit of darkness they still cant help until asked. Many times we spend so much time there we forget to ask for help as we are consumed by this darkness.

Yet if we were to use this powder this would be giving the Angels permission as an invitation into our lives and allows them to step in when needed, even if we are to far down to ask directly for their help. This powder helps to identify you as a Child of the Lighted path, that you have chosen this lighted path side and that you want help and guidance when ever needed. This allows the Angels to intervene for you in an instant.

He then gave me the recipe for the powder and I was to call it "Dark Night Survivor." It was to be made available for equal energy exchange (all things in balance) to those who understood its use and as a tool to help survive the coming darkness and battles that rage around us even on a daily basis. Next he showed me key events that will tip the scales of battle one way or another. He then took me home and I woke up!


I have written them down and stored away the key events. I was not to reveal these events yet but to say there are 10 written down and 2 more even I didnít dare put on paper, as such things give power to thoughts and then allowed to possibly manifest. I didnít want the last 2 to be given the power of possibly "becoming" at my hand, so I would not write them down, they are stored in my brain.


Ok so thatís it. There are battles coming and darkness will become stronger and more obvious to all of us, right now those who are more open to the universal energies feel it. You may be sure it will effect us spiritually as well as physically there is no way around it. It will be like gravity, it will not matter if you believe in it or not. It will happen and it will effect you as well as everyone else.

Yet we now have a tool that gives the Angel Like Begins permission to aid us in all negative situations. It allows them to guard us, and lift us as best they can when we are too weak or our spirit has gone astray through pain and depression, or plain deceit on the part of the darkness.

I would love to hear your feelings about this battle and anything else concerning this so please say something other wise I feel like a total nut case out there hanging onto the branch alone> Please note:All rights reserved, please respect my copyright do not allow this to "appear" elsewhere without my permission.

Blessings and Strength to you

Lady Wolfen Mists




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