Correspondence Classes Offered

By Silver Hoofs Inc.

Also Wolfen Wicca ® Courses

Founded (trademarked and copyrighted) by Lady Wolfen Mists

Start any time that works for you :-)

Finally they are ready for students:

Limited classes available to students in the Fargo (ND), Moorhead (MN) or surrounding areas at this time. Check with us to see if there is an opening. Students are approved on a case by case basis

Here is a list of current classes ready for you to take. We begin the correspondence list with Wolfen Wicca ® Classes.


Jump to 101 class information Page

Form information for 101 Class



Jump to 201 class information Page

Only available to those students who have completed 201 class

Form information for 201 Class


Not yet ready for Correspondence Classes but working on them

These Courses can be taken by anyone and can be used toward Wolfen Wicca® ranking degrees. Classes with * beside them are Wolfen Wicca® Only and have prerequisites with them

Gemstone Class

Crystal Class

Herb Class

Aromatherapy Class

Tarot Class

Hypnotherapy Class

Wolfen Wicca ® Only Courses after 101 & 201 have been completed successfully

*Advanced Rite & Ritual

*Shape Shifter Class

So there are more being developed each day, most of these are being rewritten and revised from my days of one on one teaching. They need to be converted to correspondence in a manner I am happy with and I know you will be getting your moneys worth as well as much knowledge as I can pack in at the levels offered. A few of the classes will offer 300, 400 & 500 level classes in the same class depending on how far you want to go. Each level offers a different certificate and title upon successful completion.

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