Wolfen Wicca

an Eclectic Tradition

Founded (trademarked and copyrighted) by Lady Wolfen Mists

Wolfen Wicca is now taking student, Start any time that works for you :-)

Finally they are ready for students:

Limited classes available to students in the Fargo (ND), Moorhead (MN) or surrounding areas at this time :-( Check with us to see if there is an opening,. Students are approved on a case by case basis

International Students

All International Students must pay in full at beginning of classes in US Funds. Shipping costs will vary depending on country! Payment by Paypal preferred

Email me for the needed forms which I will send to you in Doc form. You run them off and mail them back to me with payment and we will get started on your course. [E-Mail]"

Well after much work and lots of revision from the original Wicca 101(TM), I am now satisfied with the quality of the Wolfen Wicca Classes. I have been teaching these classes in various forms for over 10+ years but they have been in class, allowing me to work one on one with student needs. Yet I decided to offer them through correspondence, I thought it would be an easy transfer of knowledge, boy was I wrong. It became a very involved and deep journey, taking over a year to complete, in which I allowed the Goddess to lead and tell me what to include next. Some things (such as pathworkings) just don't transfer well in correspondence so I searched for other aspects that would work well for both solitary and group practitioners, I'm pretty happy with what developed. I wanted to offer something that I wouldn't be ashamed to attach my name to and something that you could use as not only your own tradition (Wolfen Wicca ) but as a foundation for many other Wiccan Traditions. From this journey came Wolfen Wicca as it is now, a path of study that would give you (the student) both the most for your money and the very best quality of information I have to offer.

The classes are copyrighted and trademarked (all legal and binding.) This tradition is called Wolfen Wicca , which is eclectic in nature using what works for each person. This set of classes (101- A Beginners Journey) takes you from where you are now, a beginner, to pre-dedication level. After that there's a 201 class that takes you to dedication.

There are 11 classes in the 101 A Beginners Journey class. You only pay for 10 classes, the 11th is a gift from me. Classes progress at your own speed over a course of 12 months. Under NO circumstances will I accept more than 2 assignments per month If you have not finished in the allotted 12-month period there may be additional fees incurred. All monies paid are non-refundable. Once you sign up for the classes you are agreeing to pay for them all by even if you dont finish the course work. But then why would you sign up for the class and not finish

The cost break down;

Classes= $25.00 per class total= $250.00

Processing/Material fee= $45.00

Shipping postage fee= $45.00

For a final cost of $340.00 for the whole class or $34.00 per class

* If paying by the 2 classes at a time insurance is an extra $2.50 . We do not automatically insure and are not responsible for lost or missing items once they leave our hands. So I strongly recommend adding shipping.

Payment methods can be as follows;

1. Payment all up front $340.00 gets an extra gift that has been programmed just for you, to aid you in working with your studies and magickal abilities, as a thank you.

2. Payment per class. This would be $68.00 for 2 classes. Payment to reach me before class sent out. We NEVER NEVER Checks, NO Exceptions.

We accept Paypal only, Our Paypal Address is silverhoofs@att.net

We will also take International students but payment must be in US funds and shipping fees will vary with the cost of the country.

3.You will also need to sign an agreement that pretty much says you wont tell the secrets you learn in the class, as Wolfen Wicca tm is a Secret Initiatory tradition. Also that you wont go set up shop and be in competition with me using any of the information I give you in my classes. (I know this sounds sad to many of you who are honest and have honor but believe me it has happened in the past, so I feel a need to protect my self from it ever happening again. I hope you understand) There is one other requirement which is you must be 18 or older to take the classes

4. You must have an overall grade of 85% or better to pass the class and get a certificate of Pre dedication in to Wolfen Wicca anything other earns a certificate of completion. But don't worry, if you don't do well on a section you can re-do it and take the higher grade. If your dont do well on written test we can work out "talking" forms of answers if you like. I'm not here to punish you; I'm here to teach. The reason for the tests is so that we have some way of setting standards for the entire tradition.

5. All information will be mailed or picked up. I'm not set up for online and to be honest I don't know if I ever will be. I like the idea of you getting the package; the papers all crisp and new, ready to go in to your book. The weekly item being held in your hand as you smile and gaze at it. Oh and of course your weekly written test being looked over with great anticipation.

What Wolfen Wicca is about:

Many of you have asked if it's about the Wolf path, I don't know how to answer that. It's not exactly about wolves or any other animal. It's the basics in Wicca and in my particular tradition. It's named after me (Lady Wolfen Mists) Wolfen Wicca so it does have some elements of the wolf within it but not to the extent where I would say it's about the Wolf path. It is Wicca as I have developed and taught it for over 20+ years, it's a fairly simple break down. Each class includes theory work and practical work as well as a supply for that class. There are also tests and other items you can purchase at additional cost but these are not necessary to complete the class, just little extras like CDs and such. You learn a lot.

Quite a few of my students have gone to big festivals and said they didn't know how much they knew until they got there and started talking. They could as pre-dedicants (that's the 101 class) discuss with some foundation to draw from, with those of Initiate level in a lot of other traditions. (Needless to say this made me very proud.) We have checked and it seems that our Dedicants (the next step up from pre-dedicants) are equal to many Initiates in other traditions. In other words you are better schooled and trained and as a dedicant your knowledge base is at the 1st degree Initiate stage of most other traditions. I'm not bragging its just something that has been brought to our attention by students over and over again.

Wolfen Wicca is a Silent & Secret Tradition and as such what is in the classes is not open for publication. We follow a ranking system and are lead by 3rd Degree High Priestess and a High Priest of her choosing (if she chooses one at all). Titles like Lord and Lady are earned and given to Initiates of the 1st degree.


Classes go as follows


You may takeup to 12 months to complete, not less than 2 1/2 months (total of 11 classes)



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Only available to those students who have completed 101 class

You may take up to 12 months to complete, not less than 3 1/2 months (total of 13 class)


Not yet ready for Correspondence Classes but working on them

1st Degree Initiation

You must have continuous study for 1 year and a day from the completion of the 201 class

2nd Degree level

Usually takes a minimum of 3-7 years of continuous from completion of 1st degree Level

3rd Degree Level

After many years of continuous (minimum 10-15 years) of study

So if you are interested drop me a quick e-mail and I will e-mail you the registration packet. Also you can go to the forms page and print off the forms needed to get started. However please e-mail me before you send then back so I can "talk" with you and keep an eye open for them in the mail. Just click on this link forms link here to get to the forms page.

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