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Fur, Feather, Scale & Skin Stewardship Sponsors

Greetings Friends,

Welcome! This page is the collective efforts of Pagans who care what happens to the "Critters" and Land that we share on this always awesome planet. Here you will find the animals we are sponsoring as a group, maybe their picture and the bio about them. As well as a link to the site where we "adopted" these babies.

We acknowledge that many of us live on a tight budget and it may be impossible for us to do all that we would like, however here with the combining of resources WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This endevor is the result of the following dream if your interested. It went like this, I was walking through a forest and came upon a cottage, outside sat the Goddess at a picnic table. She saw me and motioned me over and offered me a cup of tea, which of course I took (I mean who's gonna say no to the Goddess.) I look inside the cup and there's all these images of animals and such. The Goddess says to me, "You are to be stewards of the land and of its creatures. What have you done?" I awoke and immediately my eyes fell upon the pictures of some wolves, we sponsored a few years ago. They are beautiful and wise creatures and I felt I should be doing more, I was ashamed that I haven't been.

Thus the idea burned, What if we did it together? So I asked the members of my listbot list if they were interested, the result was a resounding yes and thus here we are!

To Sponsored Animals:

Dec. 2003- Shinook of the Ghost Walker Pack

from Kerwood Center

March 2001-Wolf Haven

April 2001-SanDiego Zoo Giant Panda

Dec 2003

Shinook of the Ghost Walker Pack

& Kerwood

This is a new place that I was told about from my friends at White Wolf Gallery (see link on Home page). I thought it was wonderful place and I decided to sponsor a wolf or two from there, in the long run I was wrong as It was closed for animal abuse issues. However before I know that I adopted The Ghost Walker Pack Shinook a beautiful wolf soul. Shinook

Unfortunately Kerwood turned out to be a not so great place and was closed for animal abuse, but PLEASE do not be Discouraged THERE ARE OTHER TRULY CARING PLACES OUT THERE. Like Wolf Haven and others. We will find them and we will continue to help as best we can, we will not let the darkness stop us from reaching out to these magnificent creatures and doing the right thing For full information read this article
Following the removal of the animals today the investigation will continue with charges pending. The owner of the facility, Vivian Singer, 47, of Kerwood currently faces 11 counts of animal cruelty under the Criminal Code of Canada following the removal of 18 animals, including one lion, eight dogs, six cats, two cockatoos and one turtle, from the same property in November, 2006. Charges include eight counts for failing to provide suitable and adequate food, water, care and medical attention to eight dogs and one lion; two counts for failing to provide suitable and adequate care to six cats and two cockatoos; and one count for failing to provide medical attention to three cats. Singer is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice, London, on May 31, 2007.

Contributors for Shinook:

Silver Hoofs Inc.

March 2001 Aminal

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Wolf Haven International

This is a wonderful place and we had sponsored wolves from here before. The people are very nice and the enclosures for the wolves are well taken care of. If your looking for a place to help and sponsor from (and we hope that you are, as we challenge more groups to band together and do what we have done) this is definitly a place to think about! They are well deseving of your hard earned coin, and do much for the fur babies found here.


Silver Hoofs Inc.---- Name Requested= Anonymous----Fuzzy Worm----WiccanOracle

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April 2001 Animal

This is a black and white photo of Hue Mei. She is 18 months old here. Click On Name of the Panda and it will take you to it's page!

Hue Mei (pronounced Why me)

April 2001 Month Animal

San Diego Zoo

Well it finally got here after MUCH waiting and we called Twice over it! We got this kit from a place Called Healthy Planet,it has lots of kits, but I warn you when it says 6-8 weeks they aren't kidding, and then you have to send it back saying what animal you want. That takes more time. We ordered it in march, we got it mid may. We called twice over it (we ordered the tiger one at the same time also and have yet to get that one) The Certificate came bent, no other pictures and our name wasn't even filled out!. Maybe I was spoiled by Wolf Haven but they are quicker, nicer to work with and at least give you a small photo independent of the certificate, which is filled out!

This Animal ran about $25.00 each with shipping. I want to make it clear that the San Diego Zoo had nothing to do with this transaction it was all handled by Healthy Planet. The San Diego Zoo is well worth your donation and the Giant Panda project is awesome! Trying to save these special creatures


Silver Hoofs Inc.----Fionalyberti----Jaded

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Interested in helping out

Please put Critter Sponsorships in the subject line. I will get back to you as soon as I can

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