Demon Death Dagger Kits
These are Limited to just one, when they are gone they are gone.

Demon Death Dagger Standard Kit 1

Items included: Death Dagger Storage Box
Demon Death Dagger Blade- each decorated for specific element, power duo and centering
Return to the Light doorway Powder & Spoon- Use to close and seal openings that negativity may use to enter this realm. Spoon is for measuring the small amount needed to close such openings.
Blessed Death Dagger Oil- For unconditional love of the universe and the positive works found there. See the Oil helping to release any negativity, cleansing, purifying & grounding these positive energies on person or place.
Instructions- Complete ritual set up and recipes as needed
St Michael Medal- For protection
Charging Seal- Use this seal to charge any item needed especially Sacred Salt. Place what needs to be charged on top of seal and let it sit for at least 7 hours.
3rd Pentacle of Jupiter- Solomon seal activated and ready to work
1 Black Obsidian Stone- Carry or place negates negativity for those involved
1 small Bag of Sacred Salt- To use ones self so things are not attached to you. Place salt in pockets or shoes very lightly
1 small Solomonís Seal Talisman charging Oil- For activation of items. Use small amount on place or item to activate as needed


Kit # 2 *****All the items from standard Kit 1 plus the following

Stand for Display of Dagger
2 Black Obsidian Stones- Carry or place negates negativity for those involved
1 Bloodstone Stone- Carry for Courage
2 each of these seals- 2 each of Solomon Seals, including 3rd Pentacle of Saturn
St Michael Medal- With chain for wearing

Kit # 3 *****All the items from standard Kit 1 & Kit # 2 plus the following

Honing Oil- Use small amount to keep Blade clean and rust proof
Michael Angel Talisman- Wear for Protection written in Angelic Language
1 Large Amethyst Stone- Carry for direction from the universe
Angelic Language Talisman- Wear to call Archangels to your side for aid in removing and sending negativity back to the universe, So it can be reprocessed into a more positive manner. Nothing can stand up to these many Archangels at once.

Kit 1 standard Kit
These are exclusively programmed items

Box size is 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches

Price $175.00
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