Lady Wolfen Mists Speaks on:


C 1991 by Lady Wolfen Mists,

This section is reprinted from my book, LADY WOLFEN MISTS PARTS THE MISTS, Dec. 1991. I feel that this topic, in WICCA, is one that is often times overlooked in terms of explanation for beginners and some (so claimed) advanced practitioners. With the media made "fad" towards Wicca I feel that this isn't presented as strongly as it should be, so it became my personal "mission" to try and provide an ETHICS guideline to any practitioner who may be seeking information in this area. Please understand that this is targeted for WICCANS and is not meant to offend any other pagan religions, such as Santeria. So with that in mind heres the total reprint !

Welcome to the section that I think is the most important area to you, the practitioner. It covers ethics! For those of you who read my first book this will be very familiar to you, read it again! I wish to explain my "ethical basis, " and what it means to you, the practitioner.

Let's say you wish to do a love spell on someone, to force them to fall in love with you. Now that's not hurting anyone is it? Isn't love the thing that everyone looks for? The answer is yes, love is wonderful, but forcing someone to love you isn't wonderful. In fact it's unethical!! Any time you try to take away another's choice, in any matter, you will end up harming that person, as well as yourself. There is a fine line between manipulation and orchestration.

In a spell where you use manipulation, you deceive that person, or completely remove that persons ability to decide. However, in orchestration, you set up a series of events. These events allow you to be seen in your best light. This allows the other person involved to decide for themselves, without any coercion from you, if they wish to become involved or not.

So, as you can see, it's always good to think and rethink any spell you may be preparing to cast. What are the ramifications of a spell like this? Ask yourself if you are practicing manipulation or orchestration? Is this spell going to hurt someone, and pile up the negative karma for you?

There is yet another area I'd like to cover, it's very basic to ethics. I don't feel this can be emphasized enough! So for those of you who have already heard it, listen again. This area is called the Law Of Three or the Three Fold Law. What this law states is that no matter what one does, positive or negative, it will be returned to the sender three (3) times over, and in some cases ten (10) times. So, once again, you need to ask yourself if you really need to cast this spell? Are you acting in Self Defense or are initiating a situation? Would you mind if it was returned to you three (3) fold? If the answer is that you wouldn't want this revisited upon you, then you are doing something that is most probably unethical!

Then on a final note. When casting spells never uses blood sacrifices!!! The Lady and Lord of Light would never call for blood sacrifices in any type of spell casting. Life is sacred and a gift from the Goddess and God, not something they would ask for you to return to them as a part of your spell casting. Any deity that calls for such sacrifices to prove your faith or value, will only ask for more and more. If you indulge in such practices, your very soul may become twisted and perverted. Negativity then, may become the very core of your existence. The keys here is if it "feels" wrong, don't do it! Listen to your intuition, it seldom will lead you in the wrong direction. The second key is are you indulging in manipulation, have you impinged on someone or something's freedom of choice? If you have, its unethical, no beating around the bush. It's just plain wrong!

Remember the Bright Lady and Lord find their praise in the healing works, and positive deeds done in their names. So, if you are ever ask to cast a spell that takes a blood sacrifice, I recommend that you don't. In fact, get away from these type of people requesting it, as quickly as possible. These are not the types of practices that you would want to become involved with!

So, keep your spellcasting clean and ethical. May you forever walk in the Light of the Loving Mother, and Her consort, the Great Lord. Lady Wolfen Mists