Garden Of Light

Garden Of Light

This is our wonderful project, inspired by the Angel like beings as a result of the latest London bombings from 7-7 and in memory of 9-11 in the USA.

There is so much evolving darkness around us and we often wonder what can one person do? What can I do to reach out and help make changes, what can I do to help anchor the Light to this plane and vibrational frequency?
I wondered this myself, as I had tears fall once more for the latest terrorist attacks on the World. As Londoners reeled from the bombings on 7 -7 and I find that the freshness of 9-11 is still there from my own countries personal bombings. I cried out in disillusionment what can I DO? What thing can I offer the world to help make it better, and heres what began to develop in my brain as the Angel Like Beings began to speak to me.


Its easy and simple and ANYONE can do it, it costs nothing and will glean us a thousand fold. I plan to plant a Garden of Light. I hope you will join me. What is a garden of Light you say?
I plan to increase the light daily in my meditations (which I admit I have been lacking in since my whole emotional episodes began with the loss of my dad) anyway I plan to see the Light being planted in my mind in very specific places in the world and each day I will tend it like a garden and I will see it grow and spread and I WILL anchor that Light in that place and then I will move on to another. Maybe if enough of us do this the darkness will not have such an easy time of it and will not be able to bomb innocents anymore, maybe we will make a difference (even if it is just for one person at a time).
Each of us could report where they plan to start their garden and how well it is growing there. It would be so cool, and the steps would be easy:

THE STEPS 1. Just pick a place or state, territory or country. Place your pin there denoting that this is where you are working to anchor the light.
2.Next meditate for as long as you need to anchor the light. See yourself plowing the ground.
3.See yourself planting the seeds of light into the soil. See it growing as you tend it like a plant in a garden.
4. Water it, give it food and sun, allow it to take hold and bloom
5.Be sure to visualize it/feel it growing with each session you anchor the light, until it is finished in that section and then move on to another place in your meditations!
What an amazing project for us all to become involved in, think of all the good it would do the world and it can all be done on your own schedule in your own time!!! How can you beat that???

Ok so do you want to help me with our worlds Garden of Light? I plan to begin in USA and then to England to help the healing there and then on to other countries as I plant my light garden and tend it each day and watch it grow and bloom. I hope you choose to help as well and I hope to see many many pins denoting places where light is being anchored.
Oh and one last thing, just as any garden made by individuals there can be more than one on the same block, so dont be afraid if your place is already noted on the board and you feel lead to work in that place as well. Its ok we can have as many gardens going in the same area or as many different areas as the universe leads us to do. The point is right now that we DO SOMETHING. So lets see those pins and lets get to work growing OUR GARDEN OF LIGHT!!! Just click on the guestmap button on this page and plant away!

Click the below Guestmap button to join in on our Garden of Light Project, We need you and the World needs you!!!
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