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Many of you have contacted me asking for guidance on items that would banish or quiet Negative energies or ghostly activity in the home or around a person. You have requested something that would aid in making an area tranquil and safe from negativity. So here are a few items that I have used in the past, or that others have recommended with at least 85% success, however as usual I can make no guarantees as to the effectiveness of these items. My Personal Favorites have ***** beside them. I hope to add more pages over time but this will do to start with. Blessings All.

Tools for Ghost & Mis aligned Energy removal
Prices Vary as listed
*****Safe Journey Dust*****

This is special body powder that I use to aid in the release of earth bound Spirits. All you need do is to put some on the arms and heart area of the person who is needing to release a spirit, so the spirit can move on. This can be a person who is still having big problems releasing the spirit of a person who has already died or if someone is having problems releasing someone who hasnít crossed but is needing to (Like in a hospital situation or an animal who is in pain but is staying cause you need it so much.) This special powder is programmed to communicates your feelings & love or unfinished business with the entity and tells the entity that although you will miss them its ok that they move on. This seems simple but it really does work wonders as many have reported how much this has helped and how much the environment has changed once this item has been used.
Safe Journey Dust $18.99
Various Bath Salts to help
3x5 bag
***Purity Bath salts

Used as a general energy cleanser. Often used in purifying bath before working macick. Also used to aid in removing unclean energies from sites. (i.e. unwanted ghosts from house)
Purity Bath Salts $3.75
***Banishing Bath Salts

Use to aid in banishing negative energies and gossip.
Banishing Bath salts $3.75
Sunset Bath Salts

Aids in ending old pains on all levels as removes any darts, arrows or projectiles of negative energy that may have gotten into body or spiritual thoughts. Such negative thoughts can help in producing disease and pain on all levels and must be removed regularly
Sunset Bath Salt $3.75
Stick Incense that help
10 mini 4 inch sticks

Often used in rooms where cleansing of air and items is needed, also used to cleanse any space of negative energies that may have been trapped. For example ghosts who have crossed over and are not aware of this. Helps to relieve user of Poltergiest activity and unwanted entities from this dimension and other realms.
Out of Stock right now
10 sticks $3.50
Blue Roses

Out of Stock
Looking for something to replace this incense as it became HIGHLY expensive s

Often used to invoke the Goddess and to empower positive works and spells.
10 mini 4 inch sticks

Often burnt as an offering and used for purification of a place, item or person.
10 mini 4 inch sticks $2.50
10 long sticks

This is used in many medieval Recipes for purifying and atonement.Used in returning negative energies to sender.
10 sticks $3.99
10 mini 4 inch sticks
Traditional scent. Another of the ancient highly spiritual resins. Aids in protection from witch craft, meditation, sacred consecration..
10 mini 4 inch sticks $2.50
Granular Incense
3x5 bag $6.99
These are Handblended from Lady Wolfen Mists Exclusive recipes. You will need some type of screen burner for these and charcoal. Available on this page.
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Grandular Incense

Burn to aid in removing negative energies and in purifying any object.
Cleansing Grandular Incense $6.99
Grandular Incense

Use this incense and read invocation to aid in protection of self and any other person/area you wish to protect.
Protection Grandular Incense $6.99
Purification Grandular Incense
Use this incense to aid in purification of self and any other person/area you wish to purify.
Purification Grandular Incense $6.99
***Medieval Mix***
Grandular Incense***

This is an old recipe that made its way to us by way of an Elder in the craft. This Elder had this recipe passed down to her from Her High Priestess and on and on and shared it with us before She crossed over to the Summerland. It is used to remove all negativity from an area and replace it with positive energies. Helps to remove and calm unwanted spirits as well as anything that may do you harm. Excellent reports on its efficiency
Medieval Mix Grandular Incense $6.99
3x5 bag Prices Vary
These are Handblended from Lady Wolfen Mists Exclusive Recipes You may sit them out or simmer them as you like. More Complete description of possible uses available on this page
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Avalon's Misty Veils Potpourri
Often burnt as an offering and used for purification of a place, item or person.

Avalons Misty Veils Potpourri $8.99
"The Crossing of a Loved One" Potpourri
As Directed by the Faery aids in the crossing of a loved one. Not in communication but in the actual aiding of a successful passage into the light. It also calls the Faery folk to aid those left behind in gaining a restful healing sleep and acceptance of the death of someone they loved So it doesn't matter if your loved one crossed 20 years ago or just a few days ago, this will help you to release and get through it all. It will comfort not only you, the living, but the one who has crossed also. Giving both the knowledge and comfort that all will meet again and nothing is ever really gone.

Crossing of a Loved one Potpourri $8.99
***Invincible Wall***

Does negative energy and events seem to follow you around like a dark cloud. Are you thinking that maybe you are the target of someone's or something's negative energies? Invincible wall that aids in keeping you out of the target area and sends these negative attentions and energies back to where they came from. Simple and easy to use, yet effective!

Invincible Wall Potpourri $8.99
***Bridge To The Summerland

Very Rare---- This blend of scents, herbs, flowers, and stones aids the user in building an open and positive bridge to the otherside. This wonderful magickal combination helps end the huge amount of energy used by the users to connect and to try and establish a clear connection. This Bridge To The Summerland allows you to get the clear information right way and not spend session after session just getting little bits and pieces that you may need to piece together what the entity is trying to tell you. Using this item allows the user to receive, recall, relate, recite and recount information from the selected entity, in a quick timely fashion with the minimum amount of effort.

Bridge to the Summerland Potpourri $8.99
2 Dram vials -- Prices Vary
These are Handblended from Lady Wolfen Mists Exclusive Recipes. More Complete description of possible uses available on this page
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Come to me Oil
used to draw others to you or to get the attention of those you wish to impress. Come to me can be used for just about anything you want to come to you. Use to command Spirits that have crossed to come out and move on to the light
Come to me 2 dram oil $7.99
***3x Messages from Beyond

This oil is VERY POWERFUL so if you serve others in helping them contact others who have crossed or if you have someone you need to contact this is the oil for you. Just rub it on yourself, 3rd eye area and behind the ears (this is a trick many dont know about it aids in clearing up "static" from the other side and lets you hear much more clearly.) This oil is excellent for those who endeavor in mediumship, or for someone who just wants to speak to someone themselves. It allows you to say what you need to say, ask questions, and even aids the one who has crossed to find their way to the light, and cross in a more complete and contented fashion! This is an excellent oil and can be used by professional to beginner with success reported from all levels.
Notice: This is $29.99
3x messages from beyond 2 dram oil $29.99

Lemerian Oil, created by Lady Wolfen Mists for enhanced scrying and success in sessions. The oil is used to clear any mis-aligned energies and protect the user (you) from negative energies trying to control the session and such. The oil is meant to be worn by the user. This is a great kit for beginners as well as advanced students!
If you are just learning how to scry with a Crystal Ball or any form of divination this is really aMUST It aids in making the connection much clearer and more focused
Notice: This is $14.99
Lemerian dram oil $14.99
***Light Warrior***

*Light Warrior oil is for those who choose to work on the astral level, it adds focus and shielding to/for you. It helps to seek out and remove "Dark Energy Clusters" on the Astral realm in the ongoing battle of Light and Darkness. An amazing Oil for true Light Warriors and Light Workers
Notice: This is $14.99
Light Warrior 2 dram oil $14.99

For general all around protection from Negativity. Make a Wall that aids in absorbing and deflecting any hurtful, negative energies on all levels
NOTICE cost is $8.99
Protection 2 dram oil $8.99
Use to aid in keeping negative infunces away. Used to aid in increasing clairvoyant powers as well as contacting those who have crossed the veils.
Spirit 2 dram oil $7.99
Van Van Oil
Used to anoint charms, talismans seals or anything to increase its power and to make sure the programming of the items is set deeply, it aids in making wards and programming unbreakable. If you feel that you have been cursed or hexed (jinxed) just add a small capful to your bath water and soak for a few minutes in it. It is said to break the hex and cleanse you of negative energies being directed at you..
Van Van 2 dram oil $7.99
Dragons Blood Oil
Dragons Blood Oil is used in many old recipes for everything from protection to Love
Dragons Blood 2 dram oil $7.99
Mandrake Oil
Mandrake Oil is used to aid in Protection on all levels, fertility, cures impotency.
Mandrake 2 dram oil $7.99
***Armor Of Light***
From the Angel Like Beings
Another tool that does exactly what it says it enhances an armor of Light about the user. It can be used on anything or anyone or anyplace, aiding in building an impenetrable Armor of Light on the Etheric/astral level and not allowing negative energies to penetrate it. One can easily imaging the uses of this oil in many many ways. I have used it on the astral as well as in paranormal ghost hunting and I have to tell you I found it one of the best tools I have ever used. I felt very protected and ready to do spiritual battle with any thing I may have been face with. I have even used this on the outside part of the collar of my dogs and their kennel doors, and found that it helped in building an actual barrier of Light (Golden Blue in color, which I could see) around them, amazing tool.
To Use: Just place a few drops on what ever you wish to Arm in Light and rub in a bit if possible (this makes a solid connection) and thatís it.
Armor of Light 2 dram oil $7.77
Liquid Soap/Shower Gel
4 Oz Bottle-- $11.99
These are Handblended from Lady Wolfen Mists Exclusive Recipes. More Complete description of possible uses available on this page
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Open the Veil Shower Gel/Soap

This scent has many traditional magickal uses, here are just a few; Use to aid in opening the Veils and allowing spirits to pass through and to communicate with you. Aids in finishing unfinished business with those who have crossed. Allows one (at any time of the year) to speak with relatives, ancestors and guides about anything you may have questions about. Great for one who is doing mediumship work or working as a channel but especially made for those who wish to work directly one on one with the energies and spirits themselves. Also acts as a screening process to aid in keeping out negative unwanted spirits.
I often use this to wash my hands in when I use a talking board as it helps keep out those unwanted "traveling souls" and calls only the positive wanted souls I wish to speak with.
Open the Veil soap/shower Gel $11.99
***Remove Negative Energies***

Used to aid in the destruction of negative energies. This wash doesn't just reflect them away from you. It aids in the complete and total realignment of these negative energies, to positive energies that will aid you in successful growth
Remove negative energies shower/soap gel $11.99
Miscellaneous Items
Prices vary
These are items that may help with protection or removal of spirits.They are Karma safe for anyones use.
***Summer Land Water***
My Favorite -Developed after many years of work

Use this water in front of all doorways, Just add a capful to your wash water and clean the steps or the doorway outside your apartment. If you have a hall way outside your place then use the water to wipe down your door and doorknob, as well as the door at the main entrance of the building (or even throw a bit in the parking lot). If you are in a graveyard or out of doors just place some in a spray bottle and spay the area where the entity appears. This water calls the God to the area and allows for the entity to be escorted to the light in a safe and gentle manner with no fear and much comfort and relief. It makes sure that the one you care for has made the journey completely with safety and care.
Summer Land Water $14.99
***Spirit Warrior Holy Light Consecrated Salt Rub***
Another tried and true Winner

used with great success to keep away unwanted entities including negative Aliens and negative interdimensional beings as well as unwanted Energies and Ghosts.
Spirit Warrior Holy Light Consecrated Salt Rub
Amber Resin Powder
3x4 bag

Not just regular Powder, This has been blessed and made ready for use in removing unwanted spirits as well as contacting those you do wish to speak with. Burn amber powder for protection, purification, and contacting the spirit world.
Amber Resin powder Rub
Ancestors Soil
small bag

(this is a special blend of Graveyard dust and other elements for honoring the spirits and for communication with those who have Crossed) Place on Ancestors Altar to welcome wandering positive spirits and open communication levels
Ancestors Soil
Black copal Resin
small bag

This resin has tons of metaphysical uses Copal is considered a very sacred resin by many in this case it is often burnt to aid in healing rituals as well as removal of unwanted energies and spirits.
Black Copal Resin
Black Destroyer Oil
Powerful Oil for Ritual Use

This oil is used to aid in the ending of curses and resentments. Stopping envy and negative (evil) intentions directed towards you and your home- belongings.
Directions: This oil is in concentrated form. You need only add 1/4 to 1/2 of vial to 1 cup of mineral oil (baby oil works). Then for 1-week sprinkle around the location where the person sending you harm walks (a parking lot is good) CAUTION: This oil is not colorfast and will stain, so be careful where you place it.This is very powerful magick
Black destroyer Oil
Peace Water

This water is meant to be sprinkled around the area to bring the wanted Peace and Tranquility once the unwanted energies have been removed, acts much like a seal against mis aligned negative energies once the area has been cleaned out. Adds protection to area and people when carried on tissue or such.
Peace Water
Vesta powder

This ancient Spell Casting Ingredient is very powerful and strong, it is traditionally used to drive away negative energies and negative spirits. Just place 1/2 teaspoon in an incense burner that wont break (brass is good), and light with a long match. Powder will EXPLODE with a FLAME, and produce Lots of smoke. This will force the energies to flee from you and the area you wish to clear, be sure to do this in a well ventilated area as smoke is strong. STRONG CAUTION! KEEP AWAY FROM FLAMES AND CHILDREN. THIS POWDER WILL EXPLODE QUICKLY AROUND FLAMES!
Vesta Powder

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