Lost class, auction or web order-instructions here

Lost class, auction or web order-instructions here

Steps to do

Sometimes things happen and classes or orders get lost in the mail. Now you wonder what to do.

Resist the need to e-mail me frantically as honestly there is little I can do on my end to help you. Once it has been mailed that evil postal service is in charge. If you have purchased insurance you will be able to replace the cost of your item

  1. Call YOUR Post office with the tracking number, talk with them about it (its not reasonable to expect us to know all the post offices around the world and since you live in the city it was shipped to it makes more sense for you to take control.)

  2. E-mail me once you have talked with them and let me know what is going on. Be sure to e-mail me the phone number of your post office so we can speak with them.

  3. If it cant be found you may need to put in for insurance. Orders with automatic insurance include:
    Class Work

    Auction Items &Our Catalogue Web Orders must Purchase Separate insurance at payment time.

    In any case let us know you wish to start the insurance process and we will begin the process from our end to get the insurance on your package. We must wait 14 days from mailing to begin the insurance process. We can not send out another order until insurance has been paid to us on our end.

  4. If you did not get insurance we will not be able to replace the order. Students all classes are insured from our end just let us know and wait the appropriate 14 days from first mailing and we will get another class out to you ASAP. Donít worry we will add an additional 2 weeks to your grad date, so you are not penelizied in any way

Hope that helps I know what a panic it can be not to know where your package is when you check it on the tracking list or not have it show up. Sometimes you just donít know what to do, thus I have put together the above steps. Any other questions let me know.