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Neil Sims

Neil Sims

Pagan Artist and More

I have had the privilege just lately of meeting on line one of the most talented secrets out there. Its an amazing artist/sculpture name Neil Sims. He is from South Shields, United Kingdom and not real well known here in the USA yet, but by the Great Goddess he is VERY Talented and certainly one of the most inspired artist I have ever seen.

Now I love Oberan and Morning Glory Zell, as well as Paul Borda from Dryad designs, and I dont think anyone can say they are not top of the line pagan Artists. Well in my opinion Neil is right up there beside them. He is also known for Garage model kits of all kinds and they are really well done too

However in my opinion he really shines at his pagan endeavors, you can see and feel the touch of the Lord and Lady in his pagan work. He also says he would love to be able to make a living doing more pagan work as well. So check out his stuff here and if you like what I have bought dont be shy about e- mailing him and asking about getting one (or two) for yourself. His e- mail address is

He also takes paypal so that deals with all the money exchange so its pretty easy. Oh and before I forget he sells on e-bay under the name neilgav So just pop that name into the search box on e-bay to see what he has up for sale.

Neil also does some amazing artwork in pictures and prints and pagan cards too. So if your looking for anything like that with a new and unique pagan flare, give Neil a shout. Not only will you get a quality item you'll be helping a pagan artist realize his dream by supporting his family, and he is serving the pagan community with his talents and allowing him to serve the Lady and Lord with his gifts.

This is really amazing, the pictures cant show all the detail and I cant even tell you the amazing energy that jumps off this item and runs up your hands. This is "sooo how" the God looks to me, almost like Neil was in my meditations where Cernunnos and I talked. The statue is approx. 13 inches tall including horns


Goddess from Celtic pagan pantheon. Oh my gosh I got this one and I haven't any words to describe her. She is just so very perfect, from the Raven on her shoulder to the torque and feathers and chain Mail. Perfection!!! This too is what I believe This Great Goddess would look like. This sculpture is smaller only approx 7 inches high but perfect for an altar or any place you want to honor this Lady. I will never give mine up :-)


I haven't actually gotten Her yet, she is to be my next purchase. She was designed to go with Cernunnos. The baby at her breast is meant to represent the world that the Goddess Loves, Feeds and Nurtures. I cant wait to get it to go along with my beloved Cernunnos. She is about 13 inches tall and really looks to compliment the God statue. I hope to get a few more pictures of her up when I actually have her in my hands