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OCool Places where We shared links

This is a list of links to other cool places I have either had personal contact with or are bloggers, pagan sellers or in general friends. Give them a look see. Those in purple I know and have had positive expereince with. Those in yellow I have met and e-mailed but havent had a chance to buy anything from yet :-)


The first one is

Robin Wood Click Link below to go there:

Robin Wood. Robin is one of the nicest sweetest people I have ever met. She does wonderful art work, alot of which is ripped off and now on the internet. She is also one of the easiest celebrities I have talked with. Check out her prints and books. If you have questions e mail her at

Nosal Woodbender

The next one is

Nosal Woodbender's Home .Click Link below to go there:

Nosal is a wonderful guy who is truly inspired by the goddess (or whatever higher power you believe in) to create the most magickal items. I was lucky enough to acquire one of his carvings to use as my ritual cane (I walk with a cane in case you didnt know) In any case my cane is always "Ooohed" and "Awwwed" at when I go out with her. If you would like to see a picture of my beautiful She-aira (thats my canes name) Click on the carving Archive, then click on Staffs. Next click on She-aira. There She is and she is wonderful. I love her dearly and will never be separated from her.

Nosal's wonderful wife works with him in true team support fashion, she is a really fun person to talk with. They are really great people and care about not only the work but the people getting the items. If you have questions e mail him at .

COLTS Radio Station

Colt is a great guy and a friend On Blogtv

his site is called Cincity live radio, click link below to go there

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