Portals, Vortexes, Passageways and Wormholes

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After a talk that I attended there were some great questions that I felt went unanswered, so I will attempt to answer them here. The questions were about portals and vortexes and such. Please note that these are just my experiences and information gleaned over my years of experience in these areas. They are not the only answers for sure but they are the ones that I work with in my spiritual journey, I hope they help you.


So lets discuss what a portal is. A metaphysical portal is an opening in one dimension to another including but not limited to astral levels. Any entity with Higher abilities then us, at this point in time, can create a portal. That means spirits, Angelics, and even aliens. Portals are often permanent passage points from one plane to another. They can be old (ancient) portals that allow the movement of spirits of all types to new points that some “wanna bes” opened without thinking or knowing how to close them. You have to remember in portal work the closest astral level to Earth plane is a lower level in which dwell entities that “feed off” our energy and when a rip or opening appears they flock to it like drunks to an open bar. So one must always be cautious with portal work and know what your doing and what level you are opening BEFORE you do it.

How can you determine if there is a portal somewhere? Its not easy, I am lucky that I just see them but for those not as blessed then you have to kinda rule out everything else and work from that point. One good way is to hold a programmed crystal (programmed for finding portals) and search an area with the point out from you. If the crystal begins to vibrate and warm immensely then you gots a portal there that may need attention. Please note not all portals are negative some are positive in that they connect to higher astral levels and allow for positive entities. How can ya tell? Well if the area seems cold and malevolent then listen to your intuition and go with that, Close it if in doubt, if it’s a positive portal the entities will find another way to enter our living world, if its negative they wont be able to use that door anymore

OK so now you want to know how to close a portal, I can’t tell you that in this small space. You need to find a teacher who can walk you through it several times. But I can tell you how to enforce a wall of security around it keeping the negativity at bay.

1.Create a mixture of the following herbs in equal parts and place in a bag over or tape to the floor by the portal. Herbs are: Rosemary, basil, thyme, yarrow.

2. Light a sacred incense (Blue Roses, Sandalwood or Frankincense) and let the smoke fill the portal entry point or as close as you can get to it.

3. Say the following: “Wall of impenetrability keep away all the negativity this opening allows. Keep all living things safe from it and do not let it seep through the edges or break through in any manner. I am the master here, I am the Life force and I so will it to be! Only positivity walks here this day and for eternity. These herbs control all levels of entry, they have touched each point as of now. Even if they are removed here on my physical they will continue to serve. “.

4. Pass the smoke through once more and say “As I will it so mote it be!” .

5. Your portal is walled and no negativity can bother the living right now. You may want to renew the herbs every 3 or 4 months as well as renew the energies (redoing the wall like the first time) this just keeps the energies strong and everything running 100% . .

OK Now on to vortexes. A vortex differs from a portal in that it is a place where energy alone, no spirits cross there. Now before you jump me, yes I know spirits can be energy, but this is energy as in the idea of pure form and how it flows. It is often a whirlpool of such energies, the flow going clockwise being positive in nature and going counter clockwise being negative in nature. Positive and negative being polarities and not good and bad. No thoughts are here, no feeding, no choice of positive or negative actions, just pure energy. Lay Lines can create powerful energy vortexes that can be used to achieve very deep and unusual meditational states. Vortexes have been shown to affect brain chemistry as the EMF (Electric Magnetic frequencies) cause many effects to the body. Some even believe that vortexes can be used for inter dimensional astral travel as well as time travel in the spiritual sense. .

How to tell a vortex? Check for laylines and high EMF frequencies. Do you feel really out of your body? Do you feel a high static charge (hair on end and so on)? These all can be alerts to a possible vortex. .

There is tons more on vortexes but this isn’t meant o be a complete informational sheet just something to help you gain some understanding and allow you to do more research on your own. .

Passages are the next topic. In particular the Tunnel many use to get to the light in Near Death Experience and Death. Is this tunnel used by spirits coming and going, is the question we will address here. .

Now please remember this is only my experiences and what the Angel Like Beings I work with have shared with me. That particular passageway is pretty much one way. It is open for those going to the light and is set up for receivership of souls coming into the light. It is busy and one may see others (who have crossed as well) on their way there and they may even see figures coming at them, these are the escorts to the Light (i.e. relatives, friends, pets, Angels, spirit guides and so on). Seldom is that passageway ever used to return or for a spirit to come to Earth plane on. So the answer is no the passageway (which is permanent and maintained for those crossing over at any given time) is not used to go both ways, just pretty much one way…to the Light :-).

So now on to the last topic Wormholes. Now please note this is real simple. Wormeholes are physical folds in reality that fold time and space to one point. For example you have a sheet of paper, you put an x at the right most corner and a x at the left most corner. Now the x’s are places you are and where you want to be. The sheet in between is space and time. Now begin to fold the paper over and over, each fold reducing the time and space between the x’s. Finally the x’s are right on top of each other. This allows for the instantious “jump” from one x to the other through time and space on the physical. That’s basically (very basic) how wormholes work. .

So that pretty much give you the basics as per my experiences. I hope it give you a basis to draw from so you can form they types of questions you may want answers to. If there is anything more I can do ya know where I am :-).

Blessings and Walk in Wisdom.

Lady Wolfen Mists.




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