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811 2nd street North

Fargo, ND 58102

Phone (701)-293-3868

E-mail silverhoofs@att.net

Silver Hoofs Website; http://www.silverhoofs.com

Lady Wolfen Mists website;http://home.att.net/~silverhoofs

Payment Information on Wolfen Wicca ®

There are 11 classes in the 101 A Beginners Journey class. You only pay for 10 classes, the 11th is a gift from me. Classes progress at your own speed over a course of 9 months. If you have not finished I the allotted 9-month period there may be additional fees incurred. All monies paid are non-refundable.

The cost break down;

Classes = $25.00 per class total = $250.00

Processing/Material fee = $35.00

Shipping postage fee = $25.00 (*International may be more)

For a final cost of $310.00 for the whole class, unless international, shipping charges may vary

Payment methods can be as follows;

1. Payment all up front $310.00 gets an extra crystal that has been programmed just for you as a thank you.

2. Payment per class. This would be $31.00 per class. Payment to reach me before class sent out. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover through our own Credit Card Service or Money orders, also Paypal. No personal checks ever!

3. You will also need to sign the enclosed Legal and Binding Wolfen Wicca ® Agreement that pretty much says you wont tell the secrets you learn in the class, as Wolfen Wicca ® is a secret tradition. Also that you wont go set up shop and be in competition with me using any of the information I give you in my classes. (I know this sounds sad to many of you who are honest and have honor but believe me it has happened in the past, so I feel a need to protect my self from it ever happening again. I hope you understand)

4. You must have an overall grade of 85% or better to pass the class and get a certificate of Pre dedication in to Wolfen Wicca ™ anything other earns a certificate of completion. But don't worry, if you don't do well on a section you can re-do it and take the higher grade. I'm not here to punish you; I'm here to teach. The reason for the tests is so that we have some way of setting standards for the entire tradition.

5. All information will be sent through the Post office. I'm not set up for online and to be honest I don't know if I ever will be. I like the idea of you getting the package in the mail; The handouts ready for you to consume, as your eager little eyes take in the information J The weekly item being held in your hand as you smile and gaze at it. Oh and of course your weekly written test being looked over with great anticipation.


Please return this Portion of the Form with your Signed Legal Agreement and payment so we can get started. Please print all information :-)

Student Full Name________________________________________



Country______________________________ Zip Code_______________

Phone to be contacted at Home _______________________


E-mail Address;_____________________________________

Payment Choice: Please check one

[ ] By the Class [ ] Paid in full right away

Payment Method: Please check one

[ ] Money Order

Charge Cards;

[ ] Visa [ ] Master Card [ ] Discover

Charge Number _______________________________

Expiration Date ________________________________

Name as it appears on Card _______________________

Your signature (by signing this you agree to allow (silver Hoofs Inc.) to place charges for classes or approved extra items to be charged to your account at agreed upon intervals.)


Signature and Date

If you need more room for anything please print on the back or attach a sheet, Thanks!