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Directions For Use: Use desired amount, usually a dab or two, on self, tools or specific object (like a candle or doorknob). External use only, this means don't drink it.

Directions For Use Hand Blended Metaphysical Correct Oils Use desired amount, usually a dab or two, on self, tools or specific object (like a candle or doorknob). External use only, this means don't drink it.
2 dram bottle:$14.99-29.99
Some Prices may vary check listed price on individual oil
Avatars Wisdom
This is aimed at the teaching wisdom, responsibility and ancient knowledge of the Wolf (often seen as the teaching totem.). It is used to access the Akashic records and other Secrets of the Universe and help in the enlightenment and accession of humanity. This is an oil that is NOT for EVERONE. It is a powerful oil and the users heart, soul and intent must be pure, positive in nature otherwise it will backfire on the user and cause extreme pain and suffering.
Notice: This is $14.99

Avatars Wisdom $14.99

**Bast: Queen Of Cats oil
It is used to honor the Great Goddess in all her aspects. Bast is an Egyptian Goddess and one of the more popular ones, as she is considered the Goddess of Sacredness and Pleasure. Bast is the known as the Goddess of life and family, of the domestic cat and those who cared for cats. The ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest reverence & esteem. Bast is a most important deity that she was the Daughter of Ra (the Sun God) and a warrior for Him. Since the serpents which attack the sun god were usually represented in papyri as being killed by cats, we see her In many aspects as a loving Domestic Mother, a Family image as well as ferocious when need be, kinda like those little angel/devils that live with us and purr with such innocence, got to love em :-). Use this oil to aid in the protection of your Cat as well as yourself. It helps in deciphering the ancient mysteries and teaching one to be a loving family member as well as independent, and a warrior when the need be. This oil calls on the Powers of Bast and aids in the blessing of the cats as well as the caretaker!
Notice: This is $18.95 Bast: Queen Of Cats oil $18.95
Crystal Keeper oil.
This oil is used to draw out the keeper of the crystal so you may get to know the keeper and communicate with them on the physical, astral plane. Information stored in the crystals can be given to you by the keep as the keeper see fit. The more you work with the crystals the more the keeper can bestow on you. The higher your study levels the more information that can be disseminated
Notice: This is $24.99 Crystal Keeper oil $24.99
Feline Fierceness oil
Use as needed to aid you in being in contact and drawing on the natural abilities of cat Feline Fierceness Special Oil $14.99
Healers Special oil
Healers Oil for anointing self and for anointing candles. To be used By healers to help in "clearing & setting" the energies of a Healing session. Also helps to aid the Healer in regaining Energy(which can result in that feeling of exhaustion) Also aids in removing/cleansing any misaligned energies that may have been "missed" from the area and sends them back to the universe to be used in a positive way.
NOTICE this is a new release to the public, and has been asked about for years which Lady Shadow Stalker (Healer/Reiki Master, Wynn Energies Master and so on) Has used with great success for years :-)

Notice: This is $19.99

Healers Special oil $19.99

Illusions Oil
This oil can be used on the candle or any other item you need to anoint to aid in the understanding of how illusions work. It aids not only in breaking them down but also aids in generating the magickal power needed to build up such illusions as one may need to keep their self safe.
Notice: This is $14.99

Illusions special Oil $14.99

Lemerian Oil
Lemerian Oil, created by Lady Wolfen Mists for enhanced scrying and success in sessions. The oil is used to clear any mis-aligned energies and protect the user (you) from negative energies trying to control the session and such. The oil is meant to be worn by the user. This is a great kit for beginners as well as advanced students!
If you are just learning how to scry with a Crystal Ball or any form of divination this is really aMUST It aids in making the connection much clearer and more focused
Notice: This is $14.99

Lemerian special oil $14.99

*Light Warrior oil
*Light Warrior oil is for those who choose to work on the astral level, it adds focus and shielding to/for you. It helps to seek out and remove "Dark Energy Clusters" on the Astral realm in the ongoing battle of Light and Darkness. An amazing Oil for true Light Warriors and Light Workers
Notice: This is $14.99

*Light Warrior oil $14.99

Moon Water oil
Moon Water Oil - This oil is great for working with the creatures of Water, mystical and mythical as well as those physically. It adds the great love of the Mother from the aspects of the Sea and the original place of all our birth. This aids in calling all water babies to your side and allows you to speak directly to them. Any one drawn to the sea or water of any kind can benefit from using this oil! It aids you in connecting with the citizens of the deep without actually ever having to be in the water (which is wonderful for the many of us landlocked, like North Dakota and many other places, but still feel that tremendous pull of the oceans) Any "ocean child" may find this useful in understanding and communicating with the beings of water worlds.
Notice: This is $14.99

Moon Water oil $14.99

Portal oil
Portal Oil In addition to linking you directly to the astral castle this oil can be used to open positive portals that allow for passage back and for of positive animal helpers. This type of oil is often used in circle work where people are using astral journeys to help one another in retrieving something they had lost or in teaching others how to go to the astral plane. It is also used as a portal opener to dimensions one would wish to return to much like a gate that can only be used by those using the oil. That way nothing and no one can slip through that you do not allow.
Notice: This is $14.99 Portal oil $14.99
Sekhmet oil
Sekhmet Oil made just to Honor Her, use it on your tools or on yourself. It's a wonderful way to tell this Goddess you respect her and would be honored if She came into your life. If your life is full of cats, or cat images. If there are times you need to draw upon Her Wisdom and assertive powers this is the Lady for you.
This is a very rare and difficult to make oil, so it is hard to get. Only a selected few dare try and use it, if you feel called to this oil then so be it...if there is fear or worry then walk on by it is not for you.
Notice: This is $29.99 Sekhmet oil $29.99
Session Enhancer (Special Reiki Oil )
This Oil is for only a very few practitioners who are serious about Reiki and not just "fad" Workers.
Use to aid in the general facilitation of the natural healing process. This oil also aids in protecting you, the healer, from over exerting your self and leaving you in a run down open target place. This oil restores energy, potency, vigor, and power, while you are using it. It also aids in protecting you from contracting the mis-aligned removed energies. It allows you to do several continuous (one at a time of course) sessions with out having to rest or power up, with out a problem.
This special oil was given to Lady Wolfen Mists several years ago, by her Reiki Guide, while on the astral plane. It has since been shared with many Practitioners who report it does wonders for them. Many wont work without it, and it can only be gotten from Lady Wolfen Mists
Notice: This is $29.99 Session Enhancer (Special Reiki Oil ) $29.99
Special Boline Oil
A special made oil to rub on your blade to keep it purified, cleansed and ready to go. Just keep a thin layer of oil on your blade to keep it from rusting and it will be ready to work for you for many years to come.
Notice: This is $14.99 Special Boline Oil $14.99
Standing Stones oil
Standing Stones Oil How This Recipe came to Being It was given to me in a dream sequence (over a week's time) by cloaked figures within the ancient standing stones. In the dream I see myself invited into the inner circle inside the stones and around us flames a purple and blue electrical charge, and then the cloaked figures draw the energy onto a single focused ball and portal opens. Through this portal is a world of magick and harmony, they draw such energies off of this world and redirect it into ours. Each cloaked figure dances within the portal and is imbued with special knowledge and skills. One tells me to write down this recipe so that I may share it with the world, I do and here it is! In addition to this secret recipe this oil is placed in a generator that contains stones from standing stones and sacred earth from there, it is left in this generator for 1-2 full moons and is then ready for your use. This is a sacred and wonderful item and works much ancient magick. It smells intoxicating.
Notice: This is $29.99 Standing Stones oil $29.99
Tiger Sense Oil
This oil can be used on the candle or any other item you need to anoint to aid in the understanding of the Wisdom of Tiger (and the loyalty and Love) of this same sacred animal can be tapped. It aids in not only keeping those it loves safe, but remain playful yet wonderfully wise in the face of even the most stressful situations.
Notice: This is $14.99 Tiger Sense oil $14.99
To the Light oil
This oil is to be used in the house or yard or area, like on door and such to make sure the entity is directed to the light. It is also good for the person aiding in the crossing (and anyone else in the room) to wear on self (shoes, hands) to direct the entity to the light. Aids for clearer connection and keeps one safe with only positive entities allowed in your presence. A protective powerful positive light ring is constructed when wearing this oil and works well with entities who have unfinished business they need to communicate to you before they can cross.
Notice: This is $14.99 To the Light oil $14.99
Wolf Moon Oil
This is a wonderful oil developed for the wolf in us all that feels alone and outside of the pack, whose heart howls to the universe seeking, waiting and wishing for more. The solitary wolf on the hill who sings out for when human kind and wolf were brothers and sisters and there was no pain or fear, who romped the fields together as one.
Notice: This is $14.99 Wolf Moon Oil $14.99

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