The man with the Knife

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This is a true story as best I can recall it. You can believe it if you like or not. I will not waste time defending myself to you because if you don’t wish to know the truth as it happened to me that’s fine. Why did I write this you ask? Because there are many many of us out there thinking we are crazy and afraid to step forward and say what we think or what we remember., what those little glimpses are we see. This is for those people and for myself. In writing it I put it together in its fullness in my mind and I am sure it happened just as I said. I have kept some of the specifics to myself as they are mine, but in general this will flesh out my experience for you who are interested.


All my life I had a fear, it was the fear of the Man with the Knife. He would be there in the darkness just waiting for me, no matter where I was, no matter what I did he was there lurking in the back of my mind. Even As I grew up and became a normal functioning adult, my fear of the dark was there. I couldn’t sleep without a blanket over my head, covering my face. I didn’t want to “see” the man with the knife when he got me. Him getting me didn’t frighten me, me seeing him and his shiny knife petrified me.

This fear became an issue in my life more and more. In college I wouldn’t take a shower alone in the house. I would call my friends and ask them to come over so I could take a shower cause the man with the knife might be there. Some times of the month it became stronger than others, I knew he was there just waiting for me to be unprepared for his strike. I knew it was crazy, I knew it was obsessing me. I understood it really didn’t seem based in reality and that as a strong young woman I should easily be able to stop this fear. Yet in reality I was terrified by it all.

I was also terrified by missing time and about waking in my dorm room with leaves in my bed, broken toes and nightgowns on inside out. No I wasn’t a real party girl before you ask and I didn’t know what was going on. The whole time the man with the knife lurking in the back of my mind, just waiting for me. As you can imagine I was scared…wondering if I was going crazy…if I was losing any grip I may have had on reality. There was no room in my life at the time for this craziness and I had to regain control, yet the fear was eating me up. I seemed normal in every other respect except this pervading knowing that the man with the knife was out there and I couldn’t avoid him, no matter what I did.

As life moved on and I graduated college and got a job I took my new life skills with me and the man with the knife as well. I told few about my fear, it was crazy after all, but it was a part of my life as much as anything else. My friends grew to work around it and I learned to find ways to function through the fear. Life continued to unfold as it was meant to, I became disabled from an illness that few doctors could understand and those that did couldn’t understand how I had survived it for as long as I did. I was a medical aberration and I was now disabled from it, I developed sub cortical Brain Damage and how my brain processed things changed abruptly. I wont go through the time it took for my overachieving self to accept this. How hard it was and what I went through there. Suffice it to say one day I was in Who’s Who in College and now I was doing good to read the comics from the newspaper. It was difficult for me. Yet at the same time I began to see and hear things that I had ignored in my life. It was like the veils that separated words and dimensions opened and I could interact with them both now because of what I had lost in my brain it seemed to find compensations around it an clearly opened other areas. But still the man with the knife lurked there watching…..

Then one week end I went to a convention where one of the speakers was a UFO Abductee. I thought it would be interesting to listen to, little did I know this would be a major life changing event for me. He was a professional, a teacher at the College at University of North Dakota, Dr. John Salter who claimed to have had missing time and an Abductee. His talk was fascinating and the longer I listened the more it pulled me in. At the end of the talk I was physically ill and needed t go home and lay down. I had a headache of the type I can not describe, such pain! I laid down and was almost instantly asleep (in a death like sleep if you know what I mean) I had also taken a rather large rough amethyst point and placed it by the pain in my head. It seemed to relieve the pain and the coolness helped me not want to through up.

When I awoke I felt a huge pain in my head like something “busted” a blinding pain. Then I felt better as the pain subsided, just weak like someone coming out of a seizure. I reached up for the amethyst point only to find it had cleanly broken in two at the top part of the point. Next the memories began to flood through me…. I knew the man with the knife and what had started my fears of him


The memories went like this.

I am a little girl I am in the back seat of our car as my dad is driving to his next Navy base and we are moving. It is very dark and there are tress every where. I think I recall the road called “the grapevine”. It is very late at night and as I said dark out. The car begins to sputter and then just stops. I sit up from the back seat wondering what is going on. My dad is draped over the steering wheel, white and scared.

(Before I go on let me explain my dad was a “mans man” he never showed fear around me or cried or anything like that. He was a career Navy man and VERY good about driving and not letting the cars gas get below ½ a tank)

Ok s o back to the memory. He is frightened and just sitting there, shaking. Saying “Oh no not again. Please God not again” My mother is jumping all around the car slamming the door locks closed like something was coming. She is trying her best to protect us from something…. I don’t understand any of this.

Then out of the trees come 6 beings, very white and willowy looking. They are not human and I have never seen anything like them. My father is weeping loudly, my mother seems froze, she is saying “don’t look in their eyes, don’t look!” I am unsure of what’s going to happen. Two of them stand in front of the car, two more behind them and one on each side.

The one on my side (I am behind my mother passenger side) lifts his hand and a shiny light glitters like a knife at the door. The locks pop up and are unlocked and the doors open. This is strange I think as no one actually opened the door. I look at them they are not much taller than me, maybe 3-4 feet tall and have large almond shaped black eyes. I notice they only have 4 fingers on their hands not 5 like me.

Next we are all somehow outside the car. 2 are lifting my dad through the air, 2 are doing the same to my mom. 2 are lifting me, but one continues to hold my hand, their hand feels cold, but I notice it is cold outside. I still am not scared just confused.

We walk down a long hall and into a big room there are other kids of all ages there. I notice right away a screen with 3 older kids (12 or so) who are watching the flashing colors. The colors are almost alive and in tones and hues I have no words to describe. There are several symbols there as well that flash. There is an older boy who is standing in front of a stand like think that is in front of the screen. There is tall crystal like obelisks that are on the stand that seem to correspond to the flashing colors on the screen. He is trying to pick to correct colors I think as they flash. Its awful pretty and I want to play as well. I leave the side of white coated alien that is escorting me and walk up the steps to the stand where the crystal like structures are (maybe it’s a control panel). I love the flashing colors and the symbols.

The Alien who is escorting me comes up the stairs and takes me by the hand. I think it is a female and she seems faintly amused by my behavior. She tells me I am to little to play this and I need to come with her. She takes me down the stairs to a circle where a group of younger children (my age) are sitting in the floor. The circle where these children are sitting is on a raised dais and there are stairs around it as well as a fence around it. There are 4 different entrance/exits to this circle and the children sitting on the floor are all holding different types of animals. The boy across from me is holding a baby pig; it keeps squealing and wiggling around. I think that’s kinda strange and should be on a farm. Then next to him is another boy with a bird. I don’t know what kind it is but its small and yellow and its pretty. Next to him and right next to me on my right is a girl with a frog. I keep thinking of how I used to catch frogs in my yard and they often pee on you. Next to me on my left is another girl and she has a baby skunk. I think its kinda neat as I have never seen a real skunk before and it seems real nice and it doesn’t smell at all. Next to her is a girl with a dog (she is next to pig boy as well) I don’t know what kind of dog it is, it’s a puppy and its silly. It’s lying on its back kicking in the air as she rubs its tummy. No one seems to notice me. Then another alien comes up and hands me a cat. It’s a kitten and it’s orange and white. Its real sweet and I like playing with it but my attention keeps turning to the colors and flashing symbols. Soon I leave the kitten and go back to the older kids. I want to watch the pretty colors and touch them. Once more the alien comes to get me and takes me back to the circle. They give me the kitty once more and as much as I like the cat, I really want o play with the colors.

I don’t remember much more than that. I don’t know how I get back to the car or how my parents do. I just know that we do. I remember my dad in the car saying we are out of gas (very weird as my dad never let a gas tank get below ½ a tank ever) and that we were rolling on fumes. I remember a gas station that was close at that base of this mountain road. My dad getting out and waking the guy up (he must have lived there as well) and letting us get some gas. My dad was real shaken and looked sick. My mom never said anything during this (unusual cause my mom was a non stop talker) and then dad just getting back in the car after we filled up and nothing more was said. That’s all I remember.


When I put the amethyst point back together inside it was now the form of an alien known as the Grays and it was there before the memories broke forth. I have kept that treasured stone as a symbol I am not crazy and as a reminder of my release from a fear that haunted my every waking hour. I keep it as proof to myself that abductions are real and that I have been touched by something outside my control. I still do not understand why or al the intricacies but I am relieved to know I am not crazy! Now I know the origin of the Man with the Knife, that alien with the shiny thing that glittered as he unlocked the car doors. This was the basis of my fear for so many years, this was my man with the knife and I was not losing my mind.

As a side note I really should say that I am a strong animal lover, I love just about every furry critter there is going. However I have a strong aversion to orange cats, they are not now or have they ever been my favorites. I just am not drawn to them. I wouldn’t hurt one, nor would I let one be hurt but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick one up either. I find myself loving just about any other color of cat going…is there something there as a result of my abduction experience I don’t know? Why were they having us play with different animals. Again I have no answers. Did I ever get to play with the color screen; I have no memory there either. In the end there are many more questions then answers with one big one screaming out WHY???

Since then I have had memories of other “visits” from the aliens. They always seem to be the same group. I don’t know why I know that or why there is a familiarity with them, as they look the same, but there it is. They seem to be the same group that has followed me all my life. Now when I wake up with a bruise or cut or even broken toe I blame it on those “Damn Aliens!” kinda a joke, but deep inside its not.

I know they were here and I know then there was little I could do about it. Now I know how to stop or lessen their unwanted visits, but that’s another story and a Free Will Zone technique I developed over the years.




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