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Handout on Wicca

The following is a handout we give to people who are interested in Wicca, some of it is traditional some isn't.. It is by no means the "Last Say" on the subject, but it does give you a general idea of our (our meaning my coven/grove, Sacred Sanctuary Spirits of Light and the Wolfen Wicca Tradition ®) approach and what our basic belief systems include. As I said this isn't all inclusive of every Wiccan belief out there, just ours.

What Is WICCA?
By Lady Wolfen Mists c 1991; revised 2007

Wicca is a belief system based in duality. That is to say that we believe in a Goddess and a God. We celebrate living experience through the changing of the seasons . On specific days (called Sabbats)we meet to celebrate the continuing cycle of life, death and rebirth. For example on Lammas (in Aug.) we celebrate our Harvest time. which is much like "Thanksgiving". We also meet a least once a month on the full moon to work and worship our God and Goddess . For example we would ask the Lady and Lord for help in healing someone of an illness or thank the God and Goddess for their help in our lives.

We feel that the Lady and Lord are the embodiment of creative powers found in all things. These creative energies are both positive and negative. Now that's not positive and negative in the sense of good and bad, but in the sense of positive and negative polarities. Yes we are considered a Pagan religion.

On The God And Goddess!

The God and Goddess are both equally important in our religion. Although the Goddess is often times paid "more Attention" to than the God, it is only because He allows this. The Goddess is seen as the Mother Creatress, She who gives us life and nurtures us. Her power is symbolized in the Moon and the Earth and in all things/animals domestic. We do not worship the Earth or the Moon as many believe we do, we only praise the powerful creative energies that we see in the female energies of the Moon and the earth. We feel, like many Christians, that the Goddess has Three aspects also, these aspects are: Virgin, Mother, Crone which correspond to the times in a woman's life and the phases of the Moon. The God is seen very much like the Goddess . He is the provider and the sustainer for us. The God is seen as the Father Creator. His power is symbolized in the Sun and the forests and all things wild, especially those wild animals with horns.
Why Horns? In the tribal time hunters usually hunted things with horns to provide food for the tribe for the coming winter. An animal with horns was a prime catch as it usually had more meat on it then say a rabbit. So to the tribe the Horns became as sign of abundance and then a sign of divinity, thus the God became seen as one with horns to provide the tribe with food for the coming hard winter. We, as Pagans, do not worship the Sun or the forest but see it as the manifested powers of the God and as such pay homage to such power.
Again, like many Christians, we see our God as having three aspects. Theses aspects are: Youth, Father, Grandfather and like the Goddess these also correspond with the life cycle of men.

On Satan

Wiccans don't believe in a place of Hell (fire and brimstone) nor a being called Satan or any being of Ultimate evil.. We feel that all beings make choices in life, some choices are positive in nature adding to the growth of the spirit and adding in spiritual advancement. While other choices are negative in nature, blocking the spiritual evolution of the soul and causing that spirit to have to relearn "the lesson" until they unblock there growth process. All beings retain a spark of the Divine Spirit of the God and Goddess, this spark is that of love (some hidden deeper than others but it is there) So as you can see there is no room for an ultimate evil, as all things must remain in balance and the choices that you make for your own spiritual evolution is 100% up to you .
However we do believe in a manifestation of negativity and mis-aligned energies (some people call demons) that can manipulate the energies of the air and weave negativity around individual and the world. Such Negativity can be seen as servants of the Darkness and fights to keep the Light (and spiritual advancement/ evolution) from us all.

On Angels

In Wolfen Wicca we believe in Angels, as they are messengers from the Lady and Lord of Light. They come to this world sometimes in their spirit form, sometimes in physical form, to aid us and guide us. They help us keep our feet on the lighted path and protect us from the Negativity around us. They lift us up from the negative misaligned energies about us to keep it from breaking us down as we strive to come into the presence of the Lady and Lord and become one with Them.
The Angels can not interfere in our lives without our asking them to do so. Some people call them Angels, some see them as spirit Guides but whatever you call them they have your very best highest interest at heart and light the way to the presence of the Lady and Lord of Light for us many times.

On Jesus

Wicca doesn't ask you to give up any other beliefs to become a practitioner of this belief system. So if you can incorporate Jesus and Christianity into your own belief system along with Wicca then that's what works for you. That is YOUR MAGICK and it is just as true as one who don't incorporate other religions into their Magick. My PERSONAL belief on Jesus is this, Yes there was a Jesus and yes he was a great man. Do I believe he was my personal savior? I guess in a way, yet in the same way I believe that Mohammed and Buddha and many others are. No I do not believe that Jesus was my spiritual savior, but that He was a savior in the sense that he and many others who are leaders in religions, DIRECTED us to believe in ourselves, showing us that we are all sons/daughters of God Goddess and that we can do what ever we wish through them (ourselves) I feel that He shows us that we should love all things and that we must be responsible for our choices in life. Did he die for my sins? No I don't think so. I think he tried to show us what is positive for the soul and what is used as a guide to encourage us to grow spiritually, just as he shows us what is negative and slows the process of growth in the spirit and evolution of the soul. I feel that many others , not just men, have directed us and guided us to "see" and understand what is positive for the growth of the spirit and what causes blocks. Once this has been shown to you, you are the one who makes conscious decisions as to what you choose to do with your life what lessons you will learn and what you will not. Up until that point you were still making those choices but not on the conscious level , on the subconscious level. He shared with us all a Christ Consciousness that reaches out to all in a positive loving way,

What's This About Lessons?

We believe before you incarnate into this physical plane, Earth, you contract with the God Goddess on what lessons you would wish to learn in this life. Perhaps in this life you must learn compassion, and you choose to do this through the use of pain and illness. Perhaps you will learn happiness this time around so that you have a balance (there's that word again)from which to draw from on your spiritual growth and evolution. In all lives there are many lessons we choose to learn, if we accomplish learning this lesson then there is no need to repeat it, but if you fail to learn the lesson that you contracted for then you must return to learn it until you get it right. This also accounts for the cycles in your life, those situations that always seen to occur over and over again.

What About That Star That You Wear?

The Pentagram is one of the most misunderstood symbols that we have. To followers of the Craft, it is one of our most Holy Signs of Protection, sort of like the Christian Cross or the Jewish Star of David.

OK I understand that but what does it mean? The Pentagram denotes all the elements of creation and the spirit of man, how they interact and are interdependent on each other . The top point of the star is mans spirit, the following right point is water, then fire then earth then air, coming back to Mans spirit. The circle that surrounds the star is the symbol of life, birth, and death and rebirth.

What does it mean when the star is inverted? This is the part that has really gotten a bad rap. Satanists, and modern media as well as a few others that could be named here have taken this symbol and made it represent Satan. Yet to followers of the Craft all that an inverted Pentagram means is, coming from the spiritual plane to the material plane and brings those attributes with you. That 's it , see nothing to do with Satan. You may see another type of Pentagram, it shows a Pentagram right side up with a smaller one inside inverted. To followers of the Craft this means, As it is above, on the spiritual plane, so be it below, on the physical plane. See it's not so scary once you really get the facts.

What about Sacrifices?

The Craft is a very gentle religion and we do not believe in letting blood or killing any thing. We do not sacrifice animals or people or any thing of that nature, as movies often show. The closest thing to a sacrifice one might find in a Grove, is that of food or libations, maybe flowers or something along those lines. When the food and libations are set out, it is with the full knowledge that animals may partake of them and thus, the never ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth is continued


Do You Have Any Rules You Live By?

Wicca is a very open religion that encourages personal growth in all areas. Someone once said trying to make Wiccans follow rules is sorta like trying to herd cats, it just ain't done. That’s how it is with rules. We have no "Thou Shall Not's" that are set down by our Goddess and God. Our religion has no set doctrine or dogma really. It is for this reason that if you go to 100 different Groves/Covens you may find 100 different ways of doing things. However we do all have one thing we agree upon, in some make or manner, and that is called the WICCAN REDE;

"Bide the WICCAN LAW ye must,
In perfect Love and Perfect trust
Eight word the Wiccan Rede Fulfill:
And Harm ye none, do what ye will.
Lest in Thy self defense it be
Ever mind the Rule of Three
Follow this in Mind and heart
And merry meet
and merry part. ( and merry met again)

I would like to stress the Harm ye none rule, that is the very foundation of our belief system. The rule of Three mentioned here is concerning our belief that no matter what you do in this lifetime, be it positive or negative, it will come back on you at least three fold.

So that is a short overall of what we are and what we believe. I hope I have managed to show you that we are not evil and do not serve Satan or any other "evil" being. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. If you find yourself interested in learning more we do offer classes in WICCA (Called the Wicca 101 tm class and other ascending numbers) Just e-mail me!

Remember Tolerance is a two sided coin, what you give is what you receive.


Lady Wolfen Mists


***Notice: I believe this art work is by Robin Wood but I'm not sure as it was given to me by a friend